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Posted by deckert | May 16, 2009 @ 10:01 PM | 4,211 Views
We're off to another year of events. Great weather, great pilots and one heckuva flying field. I'm not supposed to say this, but we had great food as well. I'm not ashamed, I ate like a pig. Being the lazy dog I am, I didn't get a pilot count. I apologize but I was so pumped up getting photos of the birds that were so fantastic, I messed up. Watching these IMAC pilots doing their circuits is amazing. Personally, I'm just glad I can get down in 1 piece. Irrespective of that, here's a few shots of the pilots with their birds. I should have some high def video and some better shots forthcoming. When I get it, I'll post it. In the's a sample of the stuff I do have..By no means are these images a full compilation of the event. I took over 1 gig of stills on just the 1st day. W'e should have over 6 gig of images just for today.
This event is so cool, I can't believe it.
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Posted by deckert | May 01, 2009 @ 01:31 AM | 3,828 Views
We held our 4th Annual Car & Bike Show on April 25th. We ( a core group of 7 people) raised $4,750.00 to give back to youth groups within our community. 130 cars were in attendance. Nice weather, luckily again! (4 years in a row) I was so pumped up I couldn't believe it. This years net was $1,750.00 above last year. Every dime we made went back to support our local youth groups. What a hoot!

On the down side of RC, everyone of my 25C FlightPower 2170's are/seem to be junk. Max output under full load is 27A whereas they're rated @54A/74/108 burst. Always balanced and maintained with the TP-535 & the TP 205. None have more then 20 flights on them each. My 3100 MaxAmps packs are older with more flights, less balancing and are kicking out 57 amps under full load. I'm not happy at this juncture with FlightPower packs.