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Posted by deckert | Apr 18, 2009 @ 08:32 PM | 3,880 Views
Signing in here while whining. I dumped my 25e Hyperion Cap 232 into the terra firma today. This was the 7th flight on this bird and the 3rd crash. Todays crash however, resulted in old age, poor vision and poor judgement. To far away for these old eyes. What WAS I thinking? This bird is (was) amazing! Gentle winds (<10mph) and flies like it's on rails. I had it dialed down to 50% throws and about 30% expo. I can not believe how solid it was. Pushed with a 3100 MaxAmps pack and a MotrolFly DM2820. 100% rates across the board resulted in me being out of control. In my own defense, I had it up & down 3 times before I dumped it. Repairable but just more time I guess. On the plus side, if there is one, my 'adapted' motor mount performed flawlessly. The mods are posted further back in my blog. The motor mount suffered no damage but the entire nose ripped off @ the leading edge of the wing. So now I have some firewall and fueslage problems to deal with. Aw jee whilikers!

Posted by deckert | Apr 15, 2009 @ 01:25 AM | 3,874 Views
All right boys and girls, here's the deal. I need input, read votes, as to whether or not we vote Laine (Lmopar69) INTO BUILDING an 8' WS (or bigger?) foamy. His choice on the design/power/materials etc and finished project.(graphics) But it has to be 8' WS minimum. Can we push him into it or not with enough votes? Vote yes or no and include a WS and type of plane you'd like to see Laine build without getting totally nuts (ok, maybe you can get totally nuts if you want)

I told him it would be like the military volunteer method. That's where you don't volunteer for anything but it's tough patootie because you're going to do it anyway.

I'm hoping some vendors will step in here and offer up some products to make this happen. Scott,(Reaper) Jason(Maxamps) Ken(Subsonic) and Castle Creations hint hint! After all, Laine already has a proven track record with his flying wing. Can you imagine an 8' WS (or bigger) foam bird like the Red Tail Hawk in Laines blog? and built by a crazy nut like Laine? Now that would have to be an original 1st.

I touched base with Laine on this so he's not getting blindsided. Enter your response ASAP. My vote is the 1st and I vote YES @ 8'.

Voting ends April 30th. Cast your vote NOW! This is gonna be GREAT!

Posted by deckert | Apr 12, 2009 @ 12:56 AM | 3,804 Views
Well that's sorta how I felt today after our funfly @ the club. We had a decent turnout for a short notice. Breakfast and lunch of course. The bs fills you up kinda quick, but like chinese food, you're hungry again after 10 or 15 minutes so go get some more bs. Anyway, the RHSC aspect kicked in because I had the only electrics out there. That wouldn't be so bad but the darn wind was WAY past anything I consider safe enough to fly in for my sorry old rear end. Yea, I could have got them in the air, and I could have flown them, but the getting back down in the same condition they went up in sorta grabbed me. And watching 33% gassers doing all sorts of tricks gave me some satisfaction. All in all a darn nice day with great food and good company.

Next up is the Big Bird Fly-in @ Zillah, Wa. on April 24th~26th. Unfortunately for me, sorta, is I have to work the 4th annual Benton City Spring Opener Car & Bike show on the 25th since I'm the President this year. It's a non-profit fund raiser for youth groups in Benton City, Wa. Irrespective of the car show, I'm really hoping I can get to Zillah on Friday or Sunday because it's one heck of an event. Great food, people and planes. Hope I see some of you there

Posted by deckert | Apr 06, 2009 @ 12:03 AM | 3,882 Views
The + being my TC450 went up & down in the way it was launched, that being it's all together as it should be. The sorta bad side is I was running at 80~100% throttle to keep it airborn. I put 700ma back into the pack(TP2170) for a 3~4 minute flight. It acted like there was was no reserve to push my 450 motor. The whole deal scared me. I'm beginning to think I may have to get rid of this EF 450 motor. It seems to be chattering/resonating the whole airframe. And no, the shaft isn't indicating as bent.

Now the =, I couldn't get my Hyperion Cap 232 to talk to the tx. We spent the better part of an hour to get the Tx-Rx talking to no avail. The irony being I brought it home and everything worked in the < 3minutes. Jeez!

The - being I tried to maiden my DR VII. I just got the tail up and the wind caught it and flipped it onto its back. No broken prop-gear or anything visible. Didn't even scrape the covering. But the motor was jammed up some how. Expletives here because this is going to be a real to get out and see what's wrong with the motor. I used a Motrolfly motor instead of Rimfire. Sorry here, but I like the Motrolflys a WHOLE lot better then anything else. More power, less weight, less expensive and better quality then comparable motors. All in all a good day as nothing requires balsa rework or recovering but a darn sad day for flying.

Now the really bad part..Spring College classes start tomorrow @ 7:30AM. Get the coffee going.....LMAO

Posted by deckert | Apr 04, 2009 @ 08:47 PM | 3,676 Views
A little breezy for my tastes but sure better then the past weeks of 15+mph winds and rain. I finally got my replacement Taylorcraft & my rebuilt Extra 260 maidened. The TC flew hands off @ 1/2 throttle but the Extra is a handful. I need to detune those sticks or put some dual rate in it. I almost dummied up the TC when I sent it vertical & powered out. I was a couple of mistakes high so had time to catch it. Whew! The little Cessna 182 chugged right along as usual. All in all a very nice day. Ah, but there's tommorrow I hope.

Next weekend, the 11th, we'll be hosting a funfly @ Higgins Field in Benton City, Wa. Bring your planes and helis.