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Posted by deckert | Mar 24, 2009 @ 04:16 PM | 3,477 Views
Well I've finished the covering. Only 1 snafu but..that's the way it goes I guess. Still trying to finish the LG, wheel pants and cowl. Pearl White & Pearl Purple everywhere. Maybe in a week, I'll have it all together if I'm lucky.
Although I put a scorpion on the wings & tail, there are no Scorpion products onboard. The emblems are self adhesive printed on clear. $5.00/pr. Just Motrolfly/MaxAmps/Spektrum & HS65's on board.

Posted by deckert | Mar 21, 2009 @ 12:54 AM | 3,432 Views
Well I plunked my bird into the AC a month or so ago. Got a full on shot of the sun into the ol eyes and could only see black spots & heard the "Thud". Yep, I went stupid!

In spite of the nose, LG, LG framing, fuselage & R wing getting hammered, She's back together and gettin recovered. I'm feeling like the wife in a dress shop, which way do I go? This or that or this & that blah blah... So it's going back together as my mood takes me for the covering. The only thing I DO know is it's gonna be Pearl White & Pearl Purple in some convoluted scheme.

This Pearl covering is a REAL bear. Clean iron and sock, or heat gun, still scuffs the underside of the finish. I don't know how to stop that but I'll sure appreciate those other flyers that cover in this film and don't leave the traces I'm seeing on my bird. It's not like it's real bad but it could sure be better. It looks as though the metallic coat is scraping off the underside upon shrinking. The purple isn't as revealing as the white is. Non-the-less, college finals are next week & then I have a week off so maybe I can get this finished up & back in the air. Temps today finally hit for flying but the stinking winds were pushing 20~25mph.. Image isn't great but it's an indicator of the direction I'm headed.

Posted by deckert | Mar 01, 2009 @ 02:35 AM | 3,316 Views
Well this almost sorta basically has nothing to do with RC but kinda does or could. We're hosting our 4th annual Car & Bike Show in Benton City, Wa. again. But, we could really use/need some RC'ers in the form of cars, trucks, planes & helis to attend the show to put on a display or two during the show. There's no fees attached if you contact me. The event is a one day event being held on April 25th (Sat.) this year @ our local School grounds and supported by the school. (As well as others) We have a lot of grass and plenty of asphalt for displays/activities. The whole event is non-profit and all funds raised are returned to our community youth groups that apply for the funds raised. If you'd like to be a part of this, please contact me via deckert (at) or call me @ 509-588-88 4 2. We had around 140 cars last year and over 800 at the gates. We're expecting this year to be bigger. I'd really like to see some RC'rs step up here to help promote RC in any manner.