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Posted by deckert | Oct 20, 2008 @ 07:47 PM | 3,044 Views
Reservist gets called up for duty in the middle east.
Just bought & moved into a new house. Wife is pregnant.
House is being paid for but no one living there. (1 year +\-)
Reservist contracts for landscaping but landscaper disappears.
Wife goes to live back east w/family & to have the baby.
Reservist has no time to get another landscaper.
Reservist leaves for middle east.
Homeowners Assoc. (a single owner) threatens servicemember w/lawsuit.
Homeowners Assoc. (a single owner) bad-mouths reservist publicly.
Story hits local news.
Story hits national news.

Community gets together and landscapes entire place. All free.
Homeowners Assoc. (a single owner) looks like the dirtbag he is.

Since there's some amount of acreage for building more homes there, I'm going to 'assume' it's going to be a hard sell with the bs actions by the Homeowners Assoc. (a single owner). I hope he goes broke!
story here;

Posted by deckert | Oct 05, 2008 @ 07:26 PM | 3,592 Views
Jeez, You'd think I'd know when my own FF is hosting a fly-in but....It's just gotta be an old age thingy I reckon Caught a few jibes from the local crew about showing up on the last day but what can I say? I guess they had a pretty good pilot turnout on Friday when the weather was nice. Sat. turned to snot with HIGH winds & rain. But, I did make it today and got some flyin pics. Mostly windy with a smidgen of calm here & there. Good food & people as always & a little on the cool side weatherwise. Hope you enjoy them. Next year it's on again.

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