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Posted by deckert | Sep 28, 2008 @ 12:01 AM | 3,153 Views
Smart-aleckin around just doesn't pay sometimes. Fired up a new-build e-flite cap 232 for the niece today in the backyard. Plopped it down, after a couple of minutes or so of vertical hoo-rah, on top of the pergola that has an industrial nylon screen on top of it, over the heads of the niece and the neighbor kids. They were safe, sound & well back! Sweet! But the screen folded a little bit and the darn bird rolled off the edge & smacked down on the nose on the concrete slab. Broke the nose all to heck.......criminy! Easy repairs & will be ready for full out maiden tommorrow @ the field. But it 'looks' a little different Wasn't that a Forrest Gump thing? Stupid is as stupid does? I guess I 'Gumped' it. LOL!

Posted by deckert | Sep 26, 2008 @ 12:22 AM | 3,719 Views
Sept. 24th was the Wings Over Washington airshow in Pasco, Washington. What a treat! The Candian Snowbirds were the basic venue. Throw in an F-15 Eagle, a Warthog and a Citabria plus the static displays and it was a sweet afternoon! Also was a WWII bird but I forgot what it was. Old age & short term memory I guess.

Got to talk with 1 of the guys from Viper Aircraft as well. (Soon 2 be future pics WILL be forthcoming from Viper as they're repainting) I missed getting pics of the (in build) bird they had out. They're shipping that one to the UE for some Prince. Selling price with build @ 1.2 million dollars.

Anyway, here's a few pics from the Air Show for all to enjoy. I swear to the high-heavens I hate/love digital cameras. Sorry about some of the pics but happy with others. RCG upload squashes them any way so here they are anyway. Also is pics from the crew that flew/serviced the F-15.

The 'Navy' looking guy is the CEO from the Sea Cadets here in Benton City. The show ran from 4pm to 6:30pm and the weather was overcast with about a 12~14k ceiling. I really tried to get some pics with the afterburner running from the F15 but the camera was weak. The F-15 wrap around the crowd was pulling about 6 g's but I shot to quick on the digital camera to get a 'really' good pic.

All in all, it was still a sweet airshow, albeit to short & too late in the day for my tastes. The Snowbirds presented & represented the epitomy of "precision" flying. I...Continue Reading
Posted by deckert | Sep 24, 2008 @ 02:53 AM | 3,372 Views
I don't know about the rest of you, but I've just about reached the end of my limits with PayPal and their nickel & dime games. I now can't get my money from my PP account sent to me (as a check) because my line 2 mail addy has a PO Box. The POB addy is the same as every credit card I use & have that's registered w/PP. All Credit Card bills come to the POB but PP rejects the address because of the POB. Isn't that just sweet!

Communication with PP resulted in this from them:"I am sorry to hear about the situation regarding the payment ship to a wrong address." Irrespective of the fact all the information is correct. Well isn't that just sweet!

So, in light of this recent development by PP,(at least to me) I've decided to build a page dedicated to PP in honor of their song & dance. It's real simple, submit your story of PP horror, via this link.
All submissions 'must be made' thru the link. No reponses will be accepted here @ RCG and will be deleted as there's no need to load the servers here @ RCG.
If you have collabarating data to sustain your allegations, I'll post it. There MUST be a valid e-mail addy included. BS rumors or 'I heard about this' will be rejected. I'm not doing this to disseminate BS, I'm doing this because I want factual data from real users to make PP aware interim/infrequent users of PP are sick & tired of being abused. I've just been pushed to my limits with PP and I'm not...Continue Reading
Posted by deckert | Sep 19, 2008 @ 11:30 PM | 4,647 Views
WOW! An absolutely beautiful start today. The weather was hazy with a gentle 3~5 mph breeze at times. People up the wazoo! This was my 1st trip to Yakima Valley Aero Modelers Field @ Zillah, Wa.
Well, 2nd trip actually as I'm old & brain dead & went up there last weekend for this event. I had to drive back to Zillah & get a daily paper to 'discover' I was there on the wrong weekend. Irrespective of that little incident, I made it today and there were 'people there'.

This strip is absolutley sweet. Run off from the runway/aprons is virtually flat where you transition to grass. Nothing but grape fields in the background. Absolutley beautiful. Really good food. Plenty of parking. I took so many pics today, It'll take me an hour to sort'em out. No helis were there today, but..maybe? Met some really nice people as well. This event needs to be a 'must attend' for anyone even 1/2 way close to Zillah. The weather is predicting not so good for the next 2 days, but we'll see. Hopefully heading back tomorrow. Depending on the wife's 'honey-do's' LOL. I just can't say enough good about this event. With respect to that, the drive into the field 'sure' made me wonder for a bit. You're driving next to a canal. I hate water over shower deep because I can't swim. I took over a 150 pics and just can't post'em all. Respective of that, there are some really nice birds, pilots and public there. You're missing out..........


...Continue Reading
Posted by deckert | Sep 11, 2008 @ 02:33 AM | 3,418 Views
Here's a shot of the J3 engine. Just mirror the image for the opposite side