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Posted by deckert | Aug 24, 2008 @ 12:59 AM | 3,450 Views
What a load of fun today. 1st annual Float Fly-in. Pretty good turn out for short notice. 81 degrees but just a little breezy. Seen a few more whump-brzz-aw s*** then I thought I would. Got to witness my first ever water Knife-Edge flight today. You think that's nothing, BUT, take a gander at the DH Beaver pics. Either that or it was the best turns about a point you've ever seen.Took a 100 or so pics but had to narrow it down for posting. Nice lake BTW. The high tech emergency rescue craft and crew were there for support as well. Fortunately, or unfortunately as the case may be, he did a fine job. About 7 times while I was there. I think the planes had more thrust then the boat. Anyway, here's part 1 of the pics. I tried to set them in some order. The Beaver flite was a little short. The guy in the 'Start' series had a rough day as well. I guess that's why glue was invented. Oh, and a few words were scattered here & there. Enjoy! And to think the group is gonna take another run at this tommorrow. YaHoo!

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Posted by deckert | Aug 17, 2008 @ 06:54 PM | 3,510 Views
Summer college classes are out so I finally finished the GP Fokker D.VII in as much as it's going to be I guess.
Set up is Motrolfly DM2215/1150kv w/matched ESC from Motrolfly
Battery 11.1-3s1P 1300mh/22c by
10x5 APC prop w/spinner from
DX-7 w/AR-7000-from LHS
Wattage is 4.8A & 52W @ 1/2 throttle
with 17A & 170W @ full throttle
AUW came in under the GP advertised weight of 25.7oz
Mine is 24.6oz

I gotta say this setup is pretty stout. Ya need to have a firm grip on a full power static runup. No doubt in my mind this bird will go vertical w/o much problem. But I don't intend on running it like that. Build was pretty straight forward but mounting the Motrolfly was a pain. The battery fits perfect. I split the ail. servos- no Y connector. I wished GP had allowed for holes in the wing to install like this instead of a single hole on one side.

Just a couple of minor issues,
1. The left ail. was damaged in shipping & it took the better part of 3 weeks to receive a new one. On the plus side, GP shipped a whole wing w/both ail. Ironically enough, that wing came with the opposite ail. smashed up.
2. The plastic cowl is dangerously too thin. It's been noted in other build threads this is a problem while accessing the battery. Yep, I already split mine on the side as you can see from the pics. The top of the cowl HAS to be cut because it's so thin it won't flex, it just breaks/tears.

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Posted by deckert | Aug 04, 2008 @ 12:35 AM | 3,475 Views
Criminy, school is eating my shorts, timewise only. I can't believe how much time school work takes. I can't even get time to go fly. I finally got my Fokker together last night. (Should kick butt) Work from school & at home just sucks everything for free time. I feel like I'm going backwards. :-( Batching these 2 weeks and taking care of Mom plus school is killing me. 3 days more and another year older. Jeez, I should be dead given my past history. Oh well!