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Posted by deckert | Jul 11, 2008 @ 12:43 AM | 3,650 Views
More problems but not insurmountable. The HS55 isn't going to cut it for the Nose Gear/Rudder combo servo. Response works great going right but is lagging & binding going left. So I'm going to up it to a HS65. It'll give me another 10oz/in of torque. I'll need to realign the tubing a smidgen for a better straight thru path & see if the supplied wire will work. If not, I'll go to a CF rod. The darn wire is flexing to much to make me happy.

I need to give a big thanks to Jack from Empire Hobby in Az. for all his help, direction and advice in this build project. I might crash & burn this bird but it's not from lack of input from Empire Hobby. I specifically addressed the thrustline & CG issues expressed by other builders on this forum. Jack went so far as to actually build & fly this bird. Now that's SERVICE! Add to that I didn't even get the bird from him. You can bet I'll be utilizing them every chance I can for purchasing. I believe my LHS uses them for purchasing wholesale so that's a benefit.

All in all, the plane is a beauty. I just hope it doesn't eat dirt on the maiden. Hopefully this weekend.

Posted by deckert | Jul 06, 2008 @ 02:53 AM | 3,437 Views
Ah that and more. Plane is coming along nicely. Decided to forego the install of the fake motor appliques. It just didn't seem worth the hassle. Had to do some forced tweaking to get alignment but everything measures correctly so that's a bonus I guess. Still waiting for my replacement aileron from GP. (I understand I'm getting a whole new wing instead of just the aileron ) It's not that I don't appreciate it, it's just that I only needed the aileron.

Ordered up batteries and the motor yesterday. $70 bucks for two (22C Lipo Batteries 1300mah/11.1v) Excite batteries from The deal was a lot better then I could get thru Maxamps but time will tell on the purchase. $65.00 for the motor from These motors rock. This plane should be nothing but fun.

On a secondary note, I'm getting (back) into the build of my Hyperion 10E Cessna. Lord forbid Hyperion is still selling this plane. It just has to many shortcomings for an ARF kit. IMHO, you'll build this plane once. I state this because after completion, your hands will need to be the size of a six YO child to gain access into the nose should anything happen to it. I never could get Hyperions battery support to work with the provided material or design @ the nose. Severe lack of room blah blah! The motor shaft lacks protrusion of sufficient length to make me comfortable. The gripe list goes on & on blah blah. Don't waste your money as far as I'm concerned, there are better planes out there. It is pretty tho..well after I added a whole bunch of graphics to it. I took pics but old age and shakies killed that
Lovin the blogs from everyone....keep-em coming....