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Posted by deckert | May 14, 2008 @ 12:42 AM | 3,780 Views
In as much as most all of us have suffered thru the 'delivery dates' of aircraft, I offer a somewhat unique perspective with respect to my requests. I sent an email to Horizon Hobby. The email I sent was not polite. Irrespective of that, HH responded (<10hours) by providing me an address, with a phone number, to one of their vendors that may have what I wanted. I contacted their vendor and was assured they have the product in stock & will ship it ASAP. Shipping will be from Texas to Washington State.

No matter what happens between me & the seller, I feel HH went above & beyond to assist me. For that alone, I salute Horizon Hobby!

Now if they (HH) could just get their suppliers to get off their butts to increase production, perhaps we'd all be happy.

I'm absolutely fearing what/how the China quake yesterday will affect the cost of kits.

Additionally, I'm posting 2 pics of my completed J3 Cub Virgin Bird from E-Flite. Modded for scale but never flown. All gear is installed & set up for flight. Truth being known, I'm really scared to fly it for fear of wrecking it for the hours put into scaling it out. My boss is posted here as well. Without her, I wouldn't have a pot to pee in. In spite of the fact my wife may never see this post, I have to say I love you Lorna... :-) You've allowed and supported me in any venture I've undertaken.

Posted by deckert | May 02, 2008 @ 01:59 AM | 3,921 Views
Yea I know this has nothing to do with RC activities. What it does have to with is kids. As Director of this years Car Show in Benton City, Wa., we raised $2800.00 to contribute to the Grid Kids Program. WAH-HOO We're in the black for finances. Add to this, we have some money left over to donate to the Middle School Soccer team for uniforms. Another WAH-HOO

However, I'm extremely disheartened as I was unable to obtain support from my local flying club to participate for the promotion of RC.