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Posted by deckert | Apr 15, 2008 @ 10:21 PM | 3,998 Views
Yep! This gear is designed to adjust for crosswind take offs & landings. It's CUSTOM MADE! Current design/tests for Hyperion Cap232 25e only! User must supply their own LG. Instructions for design are free with an e-mail request. Send request to; All requests will be ingored within 1 hour. For a faster response, send request to; where responses will be ignored immediately. I look forward to being able to serve the RC community for many years forthcoming!

Posted by deckert | Apr 12, 2008 @ 11:58 PM | 3,662 Views
What a day! Met new fliers & had a blast today! Went to the local Fun Scale Flyin today here @ Higgins Field. Took my little Cap232 out. Darn wind was just 2 heavy for my tastes, especially as this would basically be a (sorta) 2nd maiden. Really good food combined with some good flying, and almost decent weather made for a really nice day. Not many people but really nice.
The down side being, I decided, again , to try this darn Cap! after all the hoopala for balancing this stinker. So now I'm nose heavy & fought the bird all around the circuit. End result being another pancake landing. Although this flight failed to induce the horrific heartbeats from the 1st flight, it none-the-less resulted with the same ending. CRASH! So what's 4.00 for a new prop & straighting out the LG? I'm sure not complaining on this!

Pushing the bird with a MaxAmps battery, Motrolfly DM2820 & their ESC with a 12x6 APC prop. Talk about power Unfortunately, the damn left side HS65 Ail. servo stripped out for some reason Apparently the carbonite gears are worth nothing, especially as the LS Ailerons or horns never contacted ANYTHING. I've had HS 55's hit harder then this & still work/I'm po'd here!

Now here's the rub, I only unofficially qualified for a 2nd place finish for best crash of the day.
But 1st place was WELL DESERVED.
Lift off, 20' out & roll left about 8' AGL
go inverted
Plowin dirt <2 seconds later
20% Lancair gasser.........OUCH!

On a SERIOUS NOTE, the 3rd annual Benton City, Wa. Car & Bike Show will be held on April 26th, 2008 to raise funds for the Grid Kids. ( a non-profit 105-C3 organization) As Chair of this years event, I'm sincerely hoping to have some RC modelers there, at no cost, to display planes, helis, cars & trucks to promote RC involvement. If you wish to participate, send e-mail to The event will be held @ the Ki-Be Middle school in Benton City. More info is available @

Hobby or just ? LOL
Posted by deckert | Apr 01, 2008 @ 09:45 PM | 5,096 Views
Just great! Went out today searching for donations for our annual non-profit Car Show raffle. Door slamming abounded! Thbtttt! LHS shop scheduled for my middle time slot stop for a gift for the raffle. My MOTHER, (we take care of her @ the house) called the LHS 3 minutes after my arrival. How the he** she knew I was there must be a mother thing! She tells me I have 3 important phone calls @ the house. BUT, there's a problem, the wife got hit in her drivers door in the car. OMG! Is she all right? Yep, she's ok but the car has damage. Now I'm PO'd because the car is a 300M Chrysler with no previous damage. Cancel everthing per se & head back home. Phone msg's are basically bogus BS, ie: minor car show BS and they worked themselves out. Take care of more car show bs and head home for early dinner. Aw heck, the wife won't be home for an hour so I go have a drink with an old friend. NOW, the wife comes in, as in really early. Guess what, I got

April fooled! No damage, no accident, nothing! ARRGGGHH! However, the situation has now worsened. It's now 6:00pm and the STINKING WEATHER is dead calm, 55 degrees, sunny & I'm about 3 drinks to the wind with 2 birds to maiden....Talk about living in hell sometimes.. ..........