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Posted by chevell | Feb 21, 2011 @ 11:47 AM | 903,631 Views
The first mod I would like to add is how to get the ESC's heat away from the Rx which is known to cause gyro drifting problems. This problem has been around for quite sometime and is a definate Walkera blunder. In fact I've had 4 other people complain about this same problem so far. Here is another thread about this problem at Helifreak. >

I even had Walkera replace my Rx thinking that it was the problem when in fact the heat from the ESC was causing the gyro's to drift in an uncontrolled mannor a few minutes into the run. Pretty much everyone with the ESC mounted to the side of the 2610V Rx needs to do this.

The second mod is to the Xtreme landing gear which was way too squishy in my opinion, especially when you squeezed them from the sides. I added some .030" carbon struts and held them in place with some shrink tubing. This makes the landing gear much stiffer and stronger while still allowing the landing gear to flex at the mid point. I still need to test this one out more but so far it's good and only adds minimal weight.

The third mod "picture 3" is my canopy mount, I just didn't like the thin carbon rod they were using so I made a thicker mounting rod from the carbon tail shaft. I used thin carbon .015" for the carbon rod mount and shrink tubing to hold it all in place. You can see where I used the screws on the Xtreme frame to hold the mount on. It's very strong and light this way.

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