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Posted by NwRcFlight | Jan 11, 2013 @ 04:08 AM | 2,778 Views
This is the best micro heli I've owned. It's a great introduction to CP helicopters. I hope you have as much fun with your nCPx as I've had with mine.

Mine is stock except for changing to the blue canopy.

IMHO - The best upgrade you can make is to buy about 20 batteries and fly the heck out of the nano.

I bought 10 of the Hyperion 160's and 10 of the stock EFlites and I still like the EFlites better (first time I've prefered a stock Horizon battery). The stockers just seem to make the Nano fly better for me. I guess it's the lower weight of them that makes the difference. But the Hyperion 160's work real good too, they just seem to bog the motor a bit more for me.

Here are a couple of videos from the gym yesterday:

More of my Blade Nano at the gym (3 min 13 sec)

My Blade Nano nCPx at the gym (2 min 21 sec)
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