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Posted by NwRcFlight | May 20, 2012 @ 09:33 AM | 3,378 Views
Some videos from Saturday. I'm starting to move my mCP X skills to the 450 X. I did my first flips with the 450! I've flown the mCP X enough to be comfortable with it but the 450 X still has the pucker factor for me. The first flip was fun! After the second one though my heart was racing and that was the end of 3D stuff for that flight. I had a guy lined up to do video for the flips but the camera battery died about 10 seconds after lift off. There's a picnic at the club field today so I'll get my first 450 X flips on video then.

Some mild 3D with the mCP X.

mCPx 3D (2 min 56 sec)

More 3D with the mCP X.

Blade mCP X 3D #2 (1 min 56 sec)
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Posted by NwRcFlight | May 05, 2012 @ 10:59 PM | 2,931 Views
The weather has been real poor here for several weeks but the sun finally made an appearance. I am now hopelessly hooked on helicopters.

I think the mCP X should get R/C Model of the Century status. I never get tired of flying it and I can't say that about any other model I own.

When you're ready for more the 450 X is a dream boat. It's the best 450 size helicopter I've owned.

Here are a few videos from this week:

mCP X mild 3D and lots of inverted

Blade MCP X Stunts 3D (2 min 46 sec)

mCP X less 3D and more circuits around the field

More Blade MCP X Stunts 3D (3 min 5 sec)
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