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Posted by NwRcFlight | Feb 26, 2012 @ 07:43 PM | 3,210 Views
Here are a couple more videos from earlier in the week. I'm having more fun with the Hyper Taxi than I thought I would. For the small gym at work it's a perfect fit for some indoor winter flying.

Indoor flying at the gym. Nothing real crazy. Just fun.

E-Flite UMX Hyper Taxi with AS3X. Indoor flying at the gym. (4 min 20 sec)

Show flight and some short hovering attempts

E-Flite UMX Hyper Taxi with AS3X. Indoor hover and slow flight. (5 min 29 sec)
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Posted by NwRcFlight | Feb 25, 2012 @ 02:55 AM | 3,878 Views
Here are a couple more Hyper Taxi videos. I was still pathetic at landing at this point but I'm having fun with this thing.

In this one I try to provide some helpful hints to newer Hyper Taxi pilots. I'm no 3D pilot and I'm sure others like me will buy this to have fun with some conventional indoor flight. The interesting thing about this one is the end. My battery comes loose from the fuselage and the prop hits the wires and pulls the battery completely off the Hyper Taxi. Add a little extra velcro to your batteries!

E-Flite UMX Hyper Taxi with AS3X. Flying Hints (hopefully helpful!) (4 min 22 sec)

This one is just more practicing at the gym. I attempted more landings and was still pathetic at this point of my Hyper Taxi learning curve!

E-Flite UMX Hyper Taxi with AS3X. Indoor flying at the gym (4 min 30 sec)
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Posted by NwRcFlight | Feb 23, 2012 @ 07:08 PM | 3,350 Views
I'm really liking my Hyper Taxi for indoor flight. The gym at work is great for many of my helicopters but too small for planes except for something like the Vapor. And now the Hyper Taxi is a new item to add to my indoor fleet. I put 8 packs through it tonight. The maiden was a wee bit exciting but I adjusted pretty fast. I wacked the nose pretty hard so it's not looking pretty any more but it sure is fun and different. I've used more glue today than I've used in the last 2 years. But I'm also flying a lot lower and slower than I normally do. There's no such thing as three mistakes high in a gym this small.

I had no intention of buying one of these until I saw it at the Hobby Shop. I'm glad I got it for some indoor winter flying.

The Maiden

E-Flite UMX Hyper Taxi with AS3X. Maiden Flight with DX8 Transmitter (6 min 36 sec)

Flight #2

E-Flite UMX Hyper Taxi with AS3X. Flight #2 at the Gym with Spektrum DX8 Transmitter (5 min 5 sec)
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Posted by NwRcFlight | Feb 02, 2012 @ 02:38 AM | 3,347 Views
I have many videos of E-Flite and Parkzone airplanes and helicopters on my youTube page. I was an EDF addict but helicopters have caught my attention and I can't get enough of them now.

I spend 90% of my available flight time with the Blade mCPX lately, mainly because it's so durable and I have a park nearby that I can fly it in. I don't like to fly my bigger helicopters near people so I save them for the club field. I only get to the club field about 10 times a year so the mCPX has greatly increased the amount of time I can spend flying aerobatic helicopters.

The park is large enough for the Horizon UM planes and the UMX's that have AS3X with good slow flight capabilities.

I can't wait for the Blade 300 X to be released. The simplicity and ease of repair of the flybarless helicopters is fantastic.

See my videos here.


Some of my favorite videos

Flips and Rolls with the mCPX

Blade mCPx V2 Flips 3D #2 (1 min 4 sec)

Flying a Blade 120 SR over a swimming pool

Blade 120 SR BNF in LA with a Spektrum DX8 transmitter (4 min 11 sec)
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