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Posted by Vethraxx | Aug 15, 2012 @ 01:15 AM | 3,942 Views
If you hang out at the fly field long enough. Invariably someone will ask you if you want a plane or two. Usually they are sad to behold. They have either just crashed, been crashed and are TIRED little toys. I got this Fling second hand from a guy, who got it from a guy...

The black carbon fiber tail was snapped at the point where the control lines emerged. the skin on the elevators was torn. and I took it and ... stuck it on a shelf for three years... FAST FORWARD!

Going to Red Apple Flyers in Wenatchee for a three day camping R/C orgy and thought. I bet I have enough junk around here to make that pig fly under power. Behold. My Franken-Fling! And if it crashes... what happens in Wenatchee stays in Wenatchee...