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Posted by Vethraxx | Jan 30, 2008 @ 02:13 AM | 5,355 Views
I just can't help it. I got the wood and have started to build this plane.

I printed out the plans and it looks like it's going to have a 40" wingspan. It was made for rubber FF, but I THINK I can make it electric. I will add ailerons and cross my fingers. The plans have a few discrepancies in them. When they were scanned there is about 1/4" or more missing when you try to butt the printed pages next to each other. I eye balled what looked like the appropriate distance and filled in the rest with a pen. Also, fuselage former #13 is missing a mark for a rib.

I am going to build it following the original instructions and materials. When I get the winds I will add the ailerons. The pictures are of me chalking the paper forms onto my balsa stalk. I tried hand tracing them and I found it inaccurate as the pencil lost it's tip, snagging the paper etc. I thought about gluing the paper to the wood and decided it's to much extra effort.

Have they improved tissue covering? Or is it all passe? I'll keep updating this. I have never had to cut all my pieces from scratch before.

Long Live the Dremel !
Posted by Vethraxx | Jan 28, 2008 @ 11:38 AM | 4,964 Views
With winter here and the landscaping being difficult on account of the snow I am finishing up projects, and repairing old planes. I uploaded a picture of my BLT that never got to fly before it suffered an accident. I did not check that my Tx throttle was OFF before I plugged the battery in... and the prop spun on full bore and turned the BLTs stick to dust in half a heartbeat. That was the day I just finished it and was going to fly it. Live and learn I guess. Its all repaired and hopfully will fly. The other photo is just my work space. It's always in flux. I stopped trying to keep things neat, so I know here to find things. Mad Scientist Complex