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Posted by Vethraxx | Oct 28, 2007 @ 12:38 PM | 5,179 Views
Of the two Hobbyzone planes that I salavaged. Only the Freedom wanted to fly. The Commander ate dirt on every throw into the air. Just NO list. (I think might have had the wrong tail on it. Looked a little to Ved). With three 6 cell batteries, I flew the Freedom for most of the day and landed successfully. The wind was picking up and of course I had to have one more flight. Was getting cocky and buzzing the car, and out heads. Even did a loop way to close to the ground and touched the grass...and on one of the buzz passes I pull up, the wind caught it, and it got pushed into the sticker bushes... and scratched up my new 15.00 wings!!! Oh well. If that's the worst that happened to my free plane.... I'll live
Posted by Vethraxx | Oct 27, 2007 @ 03:02 AM | 5,566 Views
I am only 4 months into this hobby and so far I have only flow RTF planes by Hobbyzone. My first plane was the Phantom. Cheapest way to get 3 channels. I have crashed and repaired it so many times. The first thing to bust was the thin carbon fiber tail boom. There is no fix that is sold for it at Galaxy Hobby where I bought it, only for the larger Freedom and Commanders. I repaired it skillfully with hollow aluminum stock from the hobby store. It porposed a little from the weight, but I adjusted for that. Flew fine through quite a few crashes untill the aluminum just could not be re-bent straight and snapped. I am only on my 2nd wing and ....4-5 tail. It was even run over by a car. It's a trooper.

I have purchased a BLT (Basic Light Trainer) by Great Planes. It will be my first balsa build since I got 1/2 way building a Metrick RC-29 sailplane by Top Flite. It has been handing up for 15 years. Time to finish it!

I am intrigued with micro flyers and magnetic actuators. I have purchased a few rubber-band planes to conver when I get more adept.

That's all for now.