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Posted by Vethraxx | Mar 15, 2015 @ 10:34 PM | 3,636 Views
The first week of March the local Harbor Freight had their tent sale. I say they had a wooden workbench with 4 drawers and an under-shelf. I bought it and 4 of their black 4 tier shelving units. My old workbench was a kitchen table from Ikea that was soft enough wood you could pin into it. But it was low, and I did not protect the surface so it had glue blobs all over it etc. So I upgraded my work space. I also saw someone had the same idea I was having about putting a roll of paper to pull out and keep the bench surface as mar-free as possible.
Posted by Vethraxx | Mar 04, 2015 @ 09:59 PM | 2,866 Views
Just a quick photo bomb of things that I have been picking at in my spare time. I got a new job as a HVAC technician and they keep you busy all day. Way to tired to do much on weekday evenings. So I've been slowing putting things together. Like I have mentioned earlier. People push their unfinished projects on to you, or give you broken planes, parts of planes "The wing is still good.......Continue Reading
Posted by Vethraxx | Feb 20, 2013 @ 07:58 PM | 3,149 Views
I've had this styro-foam plane for a while. I got it for free after my friend won the raffle at the Northwest Hobby Expo in Monroe, WA and did not want it. This little beast has been crashed and glued back together so many times. It's my reliable sure thing relaxation flyer. The yellow has always annoyed me so I gave it a spray paint make over. Using the Krylon Short Cuts. The paint worked fine, but the white paint did attack the foam, and only the white. Not badly, but caused some depressions. So now it looks like the L-4 Grasshopper. Any more crashes though and I think this one is down for the count. I wish I could still find this kit.
Posted by Vethraxx | Feb 13, 2013 @ 03:57 PM | 3,034 Views
He's the quick version. I got the kit when it was new. I was 13 and it was 1982. I built it all up, got to the point where the instructions say to drop in the servos etc before you start covering it. I hung it up and never looked at it again for about 30 years. All this old yellowed balsa just hanging around. After getting back into the hobby and going electric... I decided... what the hell. I finished it up, and covered it.

However.. how do you cover a 2 meter sail plane (going to put a Cox .049 on it) when you're unemployed and money is tight? With other people's scrap rolls and hand me downs. I ended up with hot pink, red, day glow yellow, transparent green, fake carbon fiber .... so I give unto you.... the Eye-Soar... cuz it's a glider...and it's ugly.... get it... *sigh*
Posted by Vethraxx | Aug 15, 2012 @ 01:15 AM | 3,934 Views
If you hang out at the fly field long enough. Invariably someone will ask you if you want a plane or two. Usually they are sad to behold. They have either just crashed, been crashed and are TIRED little toys. I got this Fling second hand from a guy, who got it from a guy...

The black carbon fiber tail was snapped at the point where the control lines emerged. the skin on the elevators was torn. and I took it and ... stuck it on a shelf for three years... FAST FORWARD!

Going to Red Apple Flyers in Wenatchee for a three day camping R/C orgy and thought. I bet I have enough junk around here to make that pig fly under power. Behold. My Franken-Fling! And if it crashes... what happens in Wenatchee stays in Wenatchee...
Posted by Vethraxx | Jan 09, 2012 @ 03:14 PM | 3,214 Views
I have been out of the hobby a little bit during the summer as I had no car available to me as my 1977 Datsun B210 Finally died.

My friend is a member of the Red Apple Flyers in Wenatchee and I tagged along as a guest. We camped at the site for a week and did nothing but fly, drink ice cold soda, and relax. At night, we just sat in the club house building and repairing our planes and watching old AMA videos from the 80s (I had to fix the VCR).

I only came out a couple planes lighter, which only gave me more parts to fix up others. I think my best flights were with the Herr Starlite. It just would not come down and was a little screamer. The Herr Rally XP was a little squirrely in the turns but was a much more relaxing flyer. My discontinued ElectriFly J-3 Flatout (patched to high hell) would play in the wind as it picked up in the evening. I burned out 2 of my cheap 5 dollar HobbyKing outrunners on my Multiplex Pico Cub. That's another plane that just did not want to come down. It got the larger outrunner from a destroyed Alpha Model P47 which had a spectacular crash.

All in all it's a great place to fly and the membership is more than fair for what you get.
Posted by Vethraxx | Feb 17, 2010 @ 06:19 PM | 4,275 Views
I just came across this site and what hit me is that it's on a russian server. I was searching for plans of a p-59 Airacomet and I found IT! Comet Model Aircraft apparently made one in 1947. It was in .pdf format and I ran down to Office Depot with a thumb drive and they printed it out. Their printer can only print up to 36" wide, so I could only get a 180% enlargement. That puts the wing span at about 47"

Here is the link to the plans:

and photos of my enlargement. It's my first enlargement of an old plan. I am happy.
Posted by Vethraxx | Feb 17, 2010 @ 05:56 PM | 4,533 Views
This is the "in progress" build of my Herr Starlite. I chose Coverlite over the tissue that came in the box (I don't like the color). I put Turnigy B12-30 3850kv Inrunner instead of the mentioned brushed motor. I added a rear wheel. (More photos soon). I have lots of small 2s lips to stick in it. I put a E-Flite 1.5mm prop adapter and also made the whole area infront of the wing, a access door in case the motor needs to be removed. It's held in with magnets.

I probably won't get in on the 4oz they said you should, but I am sure it will fly.

UPDATE : It's complete. New photos. it it's final weight is 8oz. OOps.
Posted by Vethraxx | Feb 01, 2010 @ 02:15 PM | 4,857 Views
Here is my completed Rally XP by Herr. All laser cut. No issues building it. It's my first real experience with covering a plane, I think I did moderately well. I will have a folding prop added shortly. Anxious to try it. Balanced nicely.

I have read some threads about this plane, and know of the purported rudder, can't turn issue. I will see what it does, and make changes if needed.

Update: I added the folding prop as soon as it came in the mail. Goes more with the red and black. Need colored rubber bands!
Posted by Vethraxx | Feb 17, 2008 @ 12:29 PM | 4,720 Views
I was at a local antique store, which means mostly collectibles, and was surprised when I found this box, intact, with all the parts inside. There are four sets of plans and individually wrapped balsa bundles for each project. The box is a little sway-backed, but they only wanted 20.00 bucks for it. The plans are all dated 1964 and are yellowing around the edges. Not something I ever thought I would find at a antique/junk/toy/collectible/I hope this crap sells store. Here's a picture of the box. The pictures on the box are of the actual models you will build with the kit. From simple to the more advanced. Looking at the plans, there are fun words of encouragement written on them.
Posted by Vethraxx | Feb 06, 2008 @ 09:32 PM | 4,716 Views
I got the fuselage completed according to the directions. There was a minor work around as I did not know what canopy formers 9a and 10a are suppose to attach to. They seem to be floating in mid are. I just improvised a little. The longs is a bit warped when you look at it top down. I will try and correct it with water and a hair dryer. Not wanting to cut it up to correct a little warping. Solid piece of balsa for the tail, front end is open. Now I can start to figure out where to cut and remodel some of it to make the top accessible for the batteries, motor etc. Should be fun. Next.. the wings (squeal of excitement). (Never built a non die/laser cut model before)
Posted by Vethraxx | Jan 30, 2008 @ 02:13 AM | 5,353 Views
I just can't help it. I got the wood and have started to build this plane.

I printed out the plans and it looks like it's going to have a 40" wingspan. It was made for rubber FF, but I THINK I can make it electric. I will add ailerons and cross my fingers. The plans have a few discrepancies in them. When they were scanned there is about 1/4" or more missing when you try to butt the printed pages next to each other. I eye balled what looked like the appropriate distance and filled in the rest with a pen. Also, fuselage former #13 is missing a mark for a rib.

I am going to build it following the original instructions and materials. When I get the winds I will add the ailerons. The pictures are of me chalking the paper forms onto my balsa stalk. I tried hand tracing them and I found it inaccurate as the pencil lost it's tip, snagging the paper etc. I thought about gluing the paper to the wood and decided it's to much extra effort.

Have they improved tissue covering? Or is it all passe? I'll keep updating this. I have never had to cut all my pieces from scratch before.

Long Live the Dremel !
Posted by Vethraxx | Jan 28, 2008 @ 11:38 AM | 4,962 Views
With winter here and the landscaping being difficult on account of the snow I am finishing up projects, and repairing old planes. I uploaded a picture of my BLT that never got to fly before it suffered an accident. I did not check that my Tx throttle was OFF before I plugged the battery in... and the prop spun on full bore and turned the BLTs stick to dust in half a heartbeat. That was the day I just finished it and was going to fly it. Live and learn I guess. Its all repaired and hopfully will fly. The other photo is just my work space. It's always in flux. I stopped trying to keep things neat, so I know here to find things. Mad Scientist Complex
Posted by Vethraxx | Nov 18, 2007 @ 09:36 PM | 4,973 Views
I was out flying my HobbyZone Freedom all over the field we use in Snohomish this morning. NO WIND! It was nice. I was kidding around at how LOW I could skim the ground, and hit some tall weeds while the plane was coming head on at a slight angle and the plane came to an arrested hault. The 6 cell battery pack, ejected from the cockpit, but it stripped the adaptor clip off (left it attatched to the leads to the servoboard) and pitched it about 2 feet from the plane (which I did not see). Before you know it the exposed leads must have crossed, there is alot of while smoke. I start yelling it's on fire. Start running toward my plane and when I get within 2 feet, the battery exploded!!! I immediately turned around and started running the other way. After there were no more POPS or smoke I crept back and discovered my plane was OK and just popped in another battery and flew the rest of the day. THANK YOU HOBBYZONE!
Posted by Vethraxx | Oct 28, 2007 @ 12:38 PM | 5,177 Views
Of the two Hobbyzone planes that I salavaged. Only the Freedom wanted to fly. The Commander ate dirt on every throw into the air. Just NO list. (I think might have had the wrong tail on it. Looked a little to Ved). With three 6 cell batteries, I flew the Freedom for most of the day and landed successfully. The wind was picking up and of course I had to have one more flight. Was getting cocky and buzzing the car, and out heads. Even did a loop way to close to the ground and touched the grass...and on one of the buzz passes I pull up, the wind caught it, and it got pushed into the sticker bushes... and scratched up my new 15.00 wings!!! Oh well. If that's the worst that happened to my free plane.... I'll live
Posted by Vethraxx | Oct 27, 2007 @ 03:02 AM | 5,561 Views
I am only 4 months into this hobby and so far I have only flow RTF planes by Hobbyzone. My first plane was the Phantom. Cheapest way to get 3 channels. I have crashed and repaired it so many times. The first thing to bust was the thin carbon fiber tail boom. There is no fix that is sold for it at Galaxy Hobby where I bought it, only for the larger Freedom and Commanders. I repaired it skillfully with hollow aluminum stock from the hobby store. It porposed a little from the weight, but I adjusted for that. Flew fine through quite a few crashes untill the aluminum just could not be re-bent straight and snapped. I am only on my 2nd wing and ....4-5 tail. It was even run over by a car. It's a trooper.

I have purchased a BLT (Basic Light Trainer) by Great Planes. It will be my first balsa build since I got 1/2 way building a Metrick RC-29 sailplane by Top Flite. It has been handing up for 15 years. Time to finish it!

I am intrigued with micro flyers and magnetic actuators. I have purchased a few rubber-band planes to conver when I get more adept.

That's all for now.