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Posted by Border Lord | Aug 12, 2017 @ 09:26 AM | 1,921 Views
Hi Guys

Welcome to an occasional (probably very) series on converting a Hirobo Shuttle to electric power.
Did this a while back on a Raptor 30, and that was very successful. Been on the lookout since for a similar project.
Anyway, I spotted an unloved Shuttle in need of tlc, on an e-bay auction. Finally fell to me for the princely sum of 31 + 6 for shipping.
Happy with that.
Arrived today in a big BIG box.

Packaging not great but adequate, considering it was a private seller and he had it on collect only.
So lost no time in chucking the big bits together.

Initial thoughts, like a curates egg, good in parts.
Did read somewhere that the freewheel on these was in the clutch. Glad to find this isn't so, it's where it normally is, in the main gear. Might have stretched my ingenuity other wise.
The main gear is Mod1.0, same as a lot of electrics, so pinions shouldn't be an issue.
Although I won't be using it, the motor has Hirobo labels on it, so oem.
Not sure what condition it's in or whether it has any value, guess I'll find out later.
The model appears superficially similar the the Raptor, but the body is not so substantial, so should build up lighter.
The Raptor was no slouch, so I count this as a plus.

Negatives, quite a few, but nothing of a deal breaker, and a lot I would be changing anyway, for personal preference.
So, model has been stored for quite a while, probably in a damp garage. Lots of bits rusty, but nothing that wouldn't be going anyway.
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