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Posted by BlueFielder | Jan 24, 2012 @ 02:58 PM | 3,644 Views


The idea was create something SLOOOOW... and muneverable/agile that I could enjoy flying in a small park. .... among the trees.

Seems everyone wants to go FAST. But that gets boring pretty quick.

So with this in mind.... I needed to think LIGHT (yet durable)
I knew I needed a little bit of an under camber ... but didn't want to go through cutting /hot wiring foam.

Experimenting with Kline Fogleman airfoils.... I started thinking outside of the box.
The addition of a much smaller % than suggested bottom step seems to replicate the forces that are present in a typical under cambered wing. It also seems to reduce stalling considerably. But by keeping % of chord/step small... this design still has the ability to jump into 'fast'..... with excellent response/control.

The build is VERY easy and can be assembled in a night... with overnight glue times.