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Posted by Dialfonzo | Oct 08, 2014 @ 09:06 AM | 6,273 Views
Hi All,

Sorry to hijack my own blog, i just want to take the tribune here to introduce our new baby released yesterday on Pre-Order. More on the topic below:

On RCgroups:
Lynxmotion Quadrino Nano - UAV / Drones Flight Controller

On RobotShop:
Lynxmotion Quadrino Nano - UAV / Drones Flight Controller

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Posted by Dialfonzo | Dec 06, 2013 @ 11:02 AM | 8,908 Views
Hi All,

Itís been several weeks that I am cooking things in the background.
In fact, I think that it will be the start of a very nice experience.

For people who donít know, I was active for several years now in a robot kit company forum called Lynxmotion. Those guys are awesome and we talked a lot about UAV Drones and they were really interested to start a new division.

SoÖ I am excited and proud to announce that RobotShop bought DiaLFonZo-Copter and I am now working full time at their Headquarters to create and support the new line of drones.

I am and will be here on forums to help and support everyone, just now it will be my full time job not just a sideline. That means more availability and support for everyone who is looking for UAV Drones.

Thanks a lot for all your past support and we are heading for the futureÖ! Come visit us and participate on the Lynxmotion forum, the new home of DiaLFonZo-Copter.

You can read the full press release here

Eric Nantel - DiaLFonZo

-- Special thanks --

Warthox - For giving us at Lynxmotion the opportunity to use his VTail 400 video.
InnerbreedFX - For his support and wonderful work on the canopy 's.
Bledi - For asking me to design a professional vtail platform.
Luis - Because he believed in me and helped start the whole DiaLFonZo-Copter journey.

All the community of UAV/Drones who supported me over the years by buying one of my frames.

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Posted by Dialfonzo | Sep 12, 2013 @ 09:00 AM | 9,970 Views
Hi All,

I am rising money to get a laser cutter for DiaLFonZo-Copter.
That would give me more possibility of design and add-on to frames than what i have now.

Thanks a lot..!

DiaLFonZo-Copter - Next step "Laser Cutting"