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Posted by murdnunoc | Apr 17, 2011 @ 11:46 PM | 10,333 Views
Well, I think it's time I finally got my blog going for real.
I've worked on quite a few Stryker and flying wing projects in the past few years. Had a ton of fun, become friends with some GREAT folks, and learned a BUNCH!!

My primary interest is speed. No matter how often I try to build something that's just a fun flyer, it always turns into a challenge to make it go faster

I strive for accuracy in data when I'm sharing any power figures or speeds. Any time I talk about a speed one of my planes runs, it is measured with Doppler from a straight and level pass with absolutely NO DIVING. It will also be a no-wind speed as the fastest passes in opposite directions are averaged to cancel out wind. This is how any flight speed record is measured, and it's how I'm reporting speeds. Other respectable speed freaks do it the same way.

I've run my Strykers to 204mph straight and level airspeed.
My Ritewing Demon has done 176mph.

And I continue to push harder.

Here's some pics of the fun I've been having.

I'd love to hear comments!


Very soon I'll be putting up some more detailed posts of past, current and future planes that show some of the building techniques that go into making a super speedster....Continue Reading