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Posted by ecologito | Mar 27, 2010 @ 09:17 AM | 3,402 Views
I didn't realize that it tok me one year to get back to fly planes since my last post. I finally finished the yellow cub and flew last weekend. Now I am working on a pitts bulldog by mscomposits kit that I have had for over a year. Hopefully this will be ready in a week or two.

I have had my li-po batteries for about 4 years so I need to get some fresh ones but everywhere I look they are either expensive or out of stock.

Spring is here and so is the flying season... great friends and a lot more fun to come.

Posted by ecologito | Jan 25, 2009 @ 11:22 PM | 3,849 Views
I finally got to hang out with my outlaw friends to fly and get in the RC mood.

I am building a GWS cub and so far it's been a slow process. The kit I've got has been all beat up, lot's of dents so I am getting it ready to look better. some spackle, and new landing gear and wheel pants. After that I need to work on the rear wheel. So far it has been fun and it should be ready to fly in a couple of weeks since I don't have a lot of building time.
Posted by ecologito | Mar 10, 2008 @ 08:08 PM | 9,643 Views
After almost 4 months without flying I finally put this plane together and headed to the field. There is not really a field in Ohio. They look more like a tundra where the fields are totally cover with snow. I tossed my first elevon plane up in the air and it flew pretty well. I was trying to get use to elevons since most of the time I've flown Rudder/elevator planes and only one R/E/A plane.

It started getting a little too far and lost orientation. With all the snow around I couldn't tell if it was coming or going so I nosed it straight into the snow before getting up on a tree.

When I got to the landing site all I found was the Trailing edge of it sticking out, the entire wing was into the snow. I pulled it out and it was in one piece, not one scratch or dent so snow is my favorite landing substrate.

At 5.3 oz. I enjoyed my first flight but I didn't feel like walking around with 12 inches of snow.
Posted by ecologito | Mar 10, 2007 @ 05:51 PM | 4,816 Views
This is a plane that I saw Joe flying and I felt in love with it. Joe was done with it and I am bringing it back to service.

I am using a H-wing 10 amp ESC, 2 bluebird 306 servos, 1 gws naro Std. 3 cell 740 mah battery and a MT 28AS 1400kv motor with an 8060 prop.

Half throttle and it goes up, it will fly with 1/3 throttle with no problems, it weights 9.6 oz. and since I am learning to fly with ailerons I am flying it slowly but so far so good. This is why I like EPP, very easy to fix.
Posted by ecologito | Jan 02, 2007 @ 06:27 PM | 5,880 Views
Today I got the chance to go to the Airforce Museum in Dayton OH.

It is so cool.. so many planes, my digital camera ran out of battery, I need to get a new battery and go back again sometime. I will be around in the next month or so.

This are the small versions of my pictures

If you like planes this is a "must" place to visit.

Some shots might not be the best but the light conditions weren't the best so I tried my best with my camera....Continue Reading
Posted by ecologito | Oct 30, 2006 @ 08:20 AM | 5,835 Views
After a few weeks of thinking what should be my next plane I got an e-starter.

This is the setup:

3 GWS naro Std servos
CD motor ( 21 turns 24 gauge wire) with 9x4.5 APC-E prop
TureRC 3 cell 700 mah li-po pack
CC phoenix 10

I am having some trouble with the CG where GWS recomended to set it up ( tail heavy to me).
Posted by ecologito | Aug 13, 2006 @ 09:15 AM | 5,914 Views
I finally got my SD card to take more than 10 pics at once.

Here are some pics of the place, what I don't understand is why if everything looked right the first 15 pics, the rest came out really blurry, I can't see anything hitting the lens while flying to get it off focus..
Posted by ecologito | Aug 06, 2006 @ 10:09 AM | 6,045 Views
Here we go, I still need to practice, get an SD card, all I am using is the internal memory of my Aiptek SD camera... here are a few more shots...
Posted by ecologito | Aug 06, 2006 @ 07:30 AM | 6,072 Views
After a few tries I got my first 2 AP shots...

It was cloudy and windy so I couldn't turn the motor off to take the pictures, hopefully todayt will be a better day and I will try... in the meantime here they are...