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Posted by TheTick | Jan 29, 2011 @ 12:54 PM | 5,599 Views
Almost ready for maiden.

AUW around 12lbs (used cheap fish scale)
Stumax 110-45
Neu 1524/1.5y
CC160hv Medium timing
Gens Ace 30c 12s 5300
A123 rx pack. No regulator. No switches.
Airpower electronic valves for retracts and brakes.
CG 150mm

Full throttle static results with 82mm exhaust diameter:
6375 watts peak. 6kw after 5sec. 5.8kw after 10sec.
Gens Ace pack holds at 44.4v (3.7v/cell) at 131 amps.
CC160hv with cooling fan peaks at 137F after six 10 second runs with 20 seconds breaks between each run at half throttle. Used 3000 mah.

I used a large 5v cooling fan on the controller to avoid cutting vents in the plane. It seems to be doing a good job and only weighs .5 ounces. While running, I can feel the air exit out the tail of the plane. In the air, it should run even cooler. I'm shopping for a non LED fan as this one is obnoxiously bright.

Speed was the focus of this build and I believe I chose the right fan for the task. Hoping to maiden in a week or so. I'll try to get video and radar.


Update: Video of speed runs
208MPH CompARF Spark - 5700 WATTS - FAST RADIO CONTROL EDF RC JET ON RADAR (4 min 4 sec)