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Posted by TheTick | Jul 11, 2009 @ 12:15 AM | 6,657 Views
1kw setup is good for mid 170's.

1.16kw goes 180 even (Neu 1115/1Y 4s 5.2x5.2 graupner, 60F ambient)

1.3kw goes mid to high 180's (ARC 28-58-1 on 4s)

1.55 kw goes low to mid 190's (Neu 1112 2.5d on 5s) Fried controller on hot day


Fried the cc80 pushing the Arc 1300watt setup hard on a hot day. Didn't competely fail, just cogs at high rpm.

Swapped the ARC 28-58-1 and put in a Neu 1115 1Y. Both are same size, Neu heavier and lower kv. Neu motor draws around 82amps 1160 watts at 65F room temp on 4.75x4.75

update: 1115/1y
Warmer weather really increases battery performance. This setup pulls 87 amps 1300 watts on a warm day. Identical performance to the higher kv arc motor. I Puffed the 4s 3000 pack and motor hit 200F. I guess I won't be going to 5s. Maybe during winter.

Update: 1115/1y Rhino 4s
Got some graupner props in. 4.7x4.7 draws same as apc at 65F room temp around 82 amps static around 1160 watts.

5.2x5.2 draws 87 amps, but the rhino 3700 25c pack sags heavily down to 3.3v/cell after several seconds at full throttle. Resulting in similar wattage to the 4.7 prop around 1160 watts.

Update: 1115/1y Rhino 4s
5.2x5.2 does consistent level laps at 179-180mph. Ambient temp was 60F and wattmeter showed 87amps 1200 watts after 5second burst. Watts were still dropping. Probably would have leveled off at mid 1100's like previous test. Very easy to launch at half throttle. Tons of thrust.

Cyclone F5D 180+ MPH Pylon racer, Fast RC Airplane on RADAR, NEU Powered Radio Control (3 min 39 sec)

Posted by TheTick | Jul 06, 2009 @ 01:45 AM | 6,186 Views
You can watch them here:
Posted by TheTick | Jul 06, 2009 @ 01:41 AM | 5,956 Views
Latest plane is a funjet fully glassed. 5s 3000 on Arc 2t makes for a great setup. Good speed with lots of runtime on 6x4 prop. Very fun to fly.

Clocked it at 127mph today on the 6x4 which draws 1kw.