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Posted by skywarp1 | Jun 05, 2009 @ 01:57 AM | 5,183 Views
Well today turned out to be a spectacular day to fly weather wise. Kansas does not get very many days like this so I and my oldest son took full advantage of it. Long ago I bought him a Firebird Phantom to train on, and all winter long he has been working on the FMS sim practicing. Well today was a day to put his skills to the test. With battery charged and range/preflight checks complete, I put the little phantom in the air and Mike manned the controls. His first few go arounds were nerve racking for him and he almost let it get away from him, but we were able to calmy get the Phantom back where we wanted it. All in all he did rather well for his first real air time experience. I think though I will get him a Super Cub to train on. Something a little bigger and that can handle a little more breeze should it need to. Today was absolutely calm with a very slight breeze once in a while. I was able to fly two batteries on my PZ FW-190 and three batteries on my Alfa P-47 (second flight I broke up a formation of egrets ). I would have to say that today was probably the best day of flying I have had so far.