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Posted by skywarp1 | Mar 07, 2009 @ 11:44 PM | 4,601 Views
Since my last blog I have added a few new birds to fight line and one in particular, the Alfa P-47, is an absolutely amazing aircraft. First off though let me say that I have long since put some time on the Scorpio FW-190 and I love it! It is a great plane and smooth flier even with the fixed gear which I just don't mind at all. I am going to swap out the stock wheels though with some Du-Bro wheels the next size larger for the grass field I fly from and see if that makes landings any better.

Now for the Alfa P-47. The same power set up I used in the FW-190 I used in this bird. I put the BP 2212-13 motor, with an 18 amp ESC from BP (the 190 actualy has a Turnigy 25 amp ESC), and a 3s 1250 mAH Lipo all turning a Master Airscrew 9x6. With the exception of the ESC, this is a winning brushless combo for me for foamies 40" ws and smaller. I have flown my Alfa several times now and it is fast! With the battery I am using I get 12-15 minute flights easy. I never have to take it above 1/2 throttle, in fact the last flight I cruised around at 1/4, going to 1/2 for loops and rolls. The airframe tracks straight and needs very little trim. I will buy Alfa's again.

Next up is my Great Planes Hellcat that I had wanted for quite some time and finally got. I must say this little bird was quite the headache during assembly simply because of that small battery hatch. Then there was the matter of balancing it with a lipo instead of a heavy nimh. The maiden didn't go so well either...Continue Reading