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Posted by skywarp1 | Jun 20, 2013 @ 12:06 AM | 3,353 Views
I finally got my butt out to do some flying and boy do I really need to get my "thumbs" back. I crashed my FSK P-40 which sucks because I don't think I can get one un-built, but I will look. It is beyond repair, only salvage at this point. The good news is that the re-maiden of my GWS P-40 went great! I think maybe I am over propping it a bit with the 3 blade as the battery was a little warm after a 7 minute flight. I will throw my two blade back on as soon as I get a prop shaft adapter long enough to accomodate the prop hub thickness and spinner back plate. The best news is I flew my $20 F-18 EDF and it flew great. I will have to soften the controls as they are really, really, sensitive. I will also need to use larger packs. Nothing less than 25C 2200mah. Sorry no pics or vids, maybe next time. It's late and I gotta work tomorrow. Happy flying to all.
Posted by skywarp1 | Jun 11, 2013 @ 11:10 PM | 3,293 Views
I have sort of been out of touch with the hobby for the past few years, man I can't keep up with Parkzone. They have since put out a Spit 9, the P-47 (the airframe version of which I just got), and now the FW-190! I have just went through a lot of trouble to get all of the spares I could find of the original brushed 190 so I can have one again, and PZ puts out a BL version in Z foam. Thanks to a buddy of mine who hooked me up with an EDF F-18 that I need to maiden as well as the re-maiden of my GWS P-40 after repairs. The Top Flite Spitfire build still plugs along as I have the fuse mostly complete and will be ready to finish the wing soon. I still want to build an engine break-in stand but I may just do those runs while it's on the plane. I am looking to join a local RC club so I can get back into some actual flying. When I lived in Haysville I had a great place to go fly that was close to the house and very public. Now where I live the area is so uppity suburban it's hard to find a park or any open area at all that isn't populated by dog people. Enough of that. Happy flying to all and I will post some pics of the maidens as soon as they happen.

Posted by skywarp1 | Jan 29, 2010 @ 05:53 PM | 4,147 Views
I tend to forget about the blog on this thing. Time to update it with some recent pics of some of my birds flying. Most of these photos are in various posts, but I guess I can post them again here. My wife got a new lense for her camera so now she can zoom in a bit closer to the airplanes when I fly them. She does her part, I am not so good a making decent photo op passes, but I am working on it. I tend to get wrapped up in the fun of flying. Lately I have gone P-40 crazy with having GWS P-40, an FSK P-40, and then the E-flite P-40 warhawk 300, a very, very fun plane by the way. It has replaced my Great Planes Hellcat as my grab-n-go plane. Since the last post I have added the E-flite SeaFury to my hangar, but it is still in the box waiting to be built. Just dragging my feet for no reason. Any way here are the pictures.
Posted by skywarp1 | Jun 05, 2009 @ 01:57 AM | 5,186 Views
Well today turned out to be a spectacular day to fly weather wise. Kansas does not get very many days like this so I and my oldest son took full advantage of it. Long ago I bought him a Firebird Phantom to train on, and all winter long he has been working on the FMS sim practicing. Well today was a day to put his skills to the test. With battery charged and range/preflight checks complete, I put the little phantom in the air and Mike manned the controls. His first few go arounds were nerve racking for him and he almost let it get away from him, but we were able to calmy get the Phantom back where we wanted it. All in all he did rather well for his first real air time experience. I think though I will get him a Super Cub to train on. Something a little bigger and that can handle a little more breeze should it need to. Today was absolutely calm with a very slight breeze once in a while. I was able to fly two batteries on my PZ FW-190 and three batteries on my Alfa P-47 (second flight I broke up a formation of egrets ). I would have to say that today was probably the best day of flying I have had so far.
Posted by skywarp1 | May 12, 2009 @ 02:28 AM | 4,558 Views
Just a couple of my latest completed projects. I assembled but, have not yet maidened my Freewing F-15 simply because I have no paved runway to launch from yet. Then I have re-engined my Great Planes Hellcat with a brushless BP motor which has made that little airplane a whole new animal (perhaps Great Planes should consider upgrading to brushless). Next on the upgrade list is my Parkzone FW-190, but if I hold out long enough the will come out with a brushless. I have been experimenting with 3 blade props on my Scorpio FW-190, but found I have the most performance and fun with 2 blade. I got a FSK 3 blade but can't use it until I get a either a longer adapter shaft or a different spinner. Anyway, I think for now I am going to concentrate on my Spitfire build and just fly what I have and not buy anymore planes (that is until the Alfa ME-109 hits the shelves.).
Posted by skywarp1 | Mar 07, 2009 @ 11:44 PM | 4,596 Views
Since my last blog I have added a few new birds to fight line and one in particular, the Alfa P-47, is an absolutely amazing aircraft. First off though let me say that I have long since put some time on the Scorpio FW-190 and I love it! It is a great plane and smooth flier even with the fixed gear which I just don't mind at all. I am going to swap out the stock wheels though with some Du-Bro wheels the next size larger for the grass field I fly from and see if that makes landings any better.

Now for the Alfa P-47. The same power set up I used in the FW-190 I used in this bird. I put the BP 2212-13 motor, with an 18 amp ESC from BP (the 190 actualy has a Turnigy 25 amp ESC), and a 3s 1250 mAH Lipo all turning a Master Airscrew 9x6. With the exception of the ESC, this is a winning brushless combo for me for foamies 40" ws and smaller. I have flown my Alfa several times now and it is fast! With the battery I am using I get 12-15 minute flights easy. I never have to take it above 1/2 throttle, in fact the last flight I cruised around at 1/4, going to 1/2 for loops and rolls. The airframe tracks straight and needs very little trim. I will buy Alfa's again.

Next up is my Great Planes Hellcat that I had wanted for quite some time and finally got. I must say this little bird was quite the headache during assembly simply because of that small battery hatch. Then there was the matter of balancing it with a lipo instead of a heavy nimh. The maiden didn't go so well either...Continue Reading
Posted by skywarp1 | Jan 18, 2009 @ 04:12 PM | 4,524 Views
Time to update after Christmas. I hope everyone out there got what they wanted or at least something they liked. Even better if you can fly it . My wife got me the Great Planes Hellcat which looks to be a lot of fun. I just need Tower Hobbies to get the ultra micro servo extensions in stock and so I can get it built and flying.

Now for the fun part: I finished my Scorpio FW-190 this past week and got a chance to fly it. The only draw back was the wind turned out to be a bit too strong so I was only able to get about 2 1/2 minutes of maiden flight that was more like 2 1/2 minutes of getting it back on the ground in one piece. I think when I have a calm day to fly I am going to have a blast with this one. There area few days this coming week that look promising for a good evaluation flight and you can be sure I will use them. Hope everyone else has fortunate enough weather to fly L 8 R all!
Posted by skywarp1 | Dec 14, 2008 @ 02:34 AM | 4,958 Views
Currently in my hangar the only flyables I have are:

Scorpio FW-190
Parkzone FW-190
GP Electrifly Hellcat
Alfa P-47 Razorback Thunderbolt
Fun Force Hellcat
Hobbyzone Firebird Commander II
Hobbyzone Firebird Phantom

Currently on the building board:

TopFlite Spitfire 60 (This will be my nitro bird with a SuperTigre G75)

And in the box on the shelf is:

Freewing F-15 EDF
FlatOuts Hellcat
GWS P-40 Warhawk

I want to add:

A P-51 (Have not decided on one from any specific manufacturer)
Alfa Models Spitfire w/retracts
Alfa Models F4U Corsair
RC Lander F-16D EDF
E-Flite Sea Fury
Great Planes Spad XIII
Great Planes Sopwith Camel's a running list that is ever expanding

I don't have as big of a collection as some of the guys I have seen here, but it is growing. I have had to surrender my work shop for the sake of storage at the moment, but it is only temporary. That is why I am building the smaller electrics that I can get away with on the kitchen table.