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The Post .. CHAPTER ONE ..

In May or June, when, though winter is not over and the sea
is still frozen solid (صلب) , the air is clear and one can see (بصر) for miles, the arrival (وصل) of a sled provides a spectacle that goes on for two hours.
Everybody is out to watch (نظر) its progress (صار) , and never Breton sailor
nor Nantucket widow stared (حدَّق) at incoming ship with a gaze more
intense .. (دقَّق النظرَ) ..

For one thing, a sled on the frozen sea is the smallest (صغر)
object in the world, smaller even than a boat seen from the air as
it crosses the ocean. It is microscopic, and I mean by this that it
is not related to anything human. Its movements, its changes of
position, are perceptible only by the half-hour .. (إِدراك / das Erreichen ) .. Its load may be two or three .. (قاس) .. feet high; its length will be, say, fourteen feet: what are such dimensions against a sweep of fifty miles? ..

(to measure / قاس ) take its origin from (foot / ساق) .. ? ..

The Eskimo standing on shore beside you has seen it, of course, long before
you have seen it ..

The Eskimos acquired, by long experience, the capacity to (know /د&#...Continue Reading
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In bygone times ~ (zuerst / فى الأول), The formation of names was marked by (le naturel ~ البداهة ), and so, by (al fitra ) ..

Momo - Michael Ende - Dort ein Tag und hier ein Jahr .. .. "KASSIOPEIA!", showed up on the tortoise shell ..

Momo was delighted to decipher it / Momo entzifferte es entzückt ..

"Yes" she exclaimed, clapping her hands "that was the name!" ..

"Ja!" rief Momo und klatschte in die Hände, .. das war der Name! Dann bist du's ja doch? Du bist Meister Horas Schildkröte, .. nicht wahr? / أليس كذلك ..

Kassiopea : WER DENN NICHT / WHO ELSE ? ~ [that is self evident / هذا أمر بديهي ] .. selbstverständlich / naturellement / that goes without saying / ça allait de soi / that followed automatically ..

SELFEVIDENCE , البداهة, express WHAT COMES FIRSTLY TO THE MIND, L' idée première qui vous vient à l'esprit أول الأشياء الذى يخطر ببالك, die erste idee, die dir zuerst in den Sinn kommt .. from verb (بده / beginnen ) .. the beginning of things , بدأ الأشياء , le dé...Continue Reading
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◄► The sport of hunting and The story of Shehrazade .. Shehrazade owes her life to chahryar's desire to know (the outcome of things, مآل الأشياء, how things develop) .. The desire to know, حب الاطلاع , Der Wunsch zu wissen ..

Shehrazade took advantage of chahryar's hunting instinct .. There is a parallel between Chahryar and the king whose favorite sport of all was hunting, in The story of Der sprechende Vogel, by Martin Beheim-schwarzbach .. That king oftentimes went alone into the woods to track, pursue, follow (أيل / wild deer ) .. (outcome / مآل) comes from (come to / آل إلى ) from (أيل / deer) .. (آل إلى ) = (come to) = (reach or be brought to a specified situation or result) ..
.. The pursuit of animals, makes the hunter forget himself, and focus his attention on (the outcome مآل) of the (pursuit / تَبُّع) alone .. when the prey hides from the hunter, it causes him a great excitement for knowing (the way the prey turns out) = (مآل) .. Similarly, listening to stories, make one eagerly await (the outcome مآل) of events, when matters hang in suspense ..

Chahryar Interesse ist verursacht durch sein Wunsch zu wissen (wie die Dinge weiterfahren) = (مآل الأشياء) ..
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◄► Dictionary .. verb (jalla جل / yajullu /يجل) = was great, exalted, illustrious .. gross sein, erhaben sein ..

_ (jallala جلل / ajalla أجل) = honored, respected .. ehren, hochachten ..

_ (jalla جل) = was mature, of a ripe age, was aged, old ..

_ (وجل wajula) = اسن / became old شاخ, become old .. _ adjective (jall جل) = gross, gewaltig, erhaben ..

_ (جليل) = great, exalted, illustrious, venerable .. erhaben, wichtig, glorreich, prächtig, achtbar ..

_ (jalal جلال ) = greatness, majesty, Erhabenheit, Pracht .. (jalalah جلالة ) = Majesté .. (ijlal اجلال ) = Verehrung, Hochachtung ..

_ Verb (jala جلا / yajlu يجلو ) = became clear klar sein .. emigrated, went out from, weggehen .. (place / Ort) = räumen .. reinigen, putzen, polieren, vertreiben, entfernen ..

_ (jala' جلاء) = Klarheit, Deutlichkeit .. Abzug, Evakuierung, Räumung ..

_ (ajla اجلى julul جلول عن) = moved, emigrated from, sich entfernen, evakuieren .. (tajalla تجلى) = sich zeigen, klar werden .. (injala انجلى) = sich herausstellen .. (ijtala اج&#...Continue Reading
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◄► Théodore Jouffroy .. (Le sommet de la vie) vous en dérobe (le déclin) ; de ses deux pentes vous n'en connaissez qu'une, celle que vous montez ; elle est riante, elle est belle, elle est parfumée comme le printemps.

Il ne vous est pas donné, comme à nous, de contempler l'autre avec ses aspects mélancoliques, le pâle soleil qui l'éclaire, et le rivage glacé qui la termine ..

◄► Demeter sums up the three phases : Maiden, Nymph, Old age ..

1. The life phase of (Maiden) is associated with (Le sommet de la vie ) ..

2. The transition phase of (nymph / nubile woman) .. The second phase = (ثان / number two) suggest a connection with the name of Athene ..

3. The life phase of (old woman /die Alte ) as examplified, in Hansel und Gretel, by (عجوزة / crone ) .. A maleficient woman, eine bösartige Frau, associated with (old age / le déclin) denoting (عجز / weakness) ..

But The life phase of (old woman /die Alte ) as examplified, in die Gänsehirtin am Brunnen, by (جدة / Grossmutter) .. is associated with (جد) = hart Arbeit, labor, which presuppose (ability / قدرة) ..

_ Some mythological fables, associate Athene with words originating from (ثانٍ ) = two .. For example : (ثَنَى ) meaning (repeat, to double, return) as well as (abhalten, to stop, prevent sth.) .. (ا&#...Continue Reading
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Introduction - The lost world .. "It is clearly some sort of script" said Challenger .. "Looks like a guinea puzzle competition / Sieht aus wie ein schwindelhaftes Preisrätsel " remarked Lord John .. Schwindelhaftes Preisrätsel ? ..

Der Witz is used to make an idea understandable, by means of (The reverse sense) , der umgekehrte Sinn ..

And so, by means of (eine Darstellung durch das Gegenteil), [guinea puzzle / schwindelhaft] would allude to [جاد / earnest] ..

[competition / Preis rätsel ] ist ein Rätsel, (bei dem man etwas gewinnen kann) = [جدى] = procured, obtained .. [جدا على ] = (gave to, bestow upon ) ..

__ der starke Hans .. What does "Tunnel" stand for? .. .. (نفاذ / breakthrough ) .. (عبور / crossing ) .. (اجتياز / overcome ) ..

verb (نفق ) could mean: wither away, نفق , dépérir .. da unten (verschmachten) ..

Hans has been hindered from getting safe out of the Tunnel .. In fact, to be (kidnapped) in The Höhle der Räuber, is better than (Verschmachten) in a Tunnel ..

How did Hans accomplish* his rise to power ~ (اقتدار) ? .. Verb (نفذ) ~ accomplish, ausmachen ..

Hans did not (trust / اعتمد على ) his two companions, for (...Continue Reading
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◄► A child entertained the hope ( أمل ) of resuscitating a deer, which he considered as his own mother ..

Vocabulary .. Emotional attachment (تعلق) .. Affection (مودة) ..

An author may aim to mask an absurd thinking ~ abgeschmackt, unvernünftig, deraisonnable ..

Abandonment of reason and adoption of erroneous judgments (Glauben schenken), make us be swayed by wishful thinking ~ (الأهواء) ..

Vgl. mit. Geschichte des zweiten Bettlers - 40 night .. Der Vater fragte seine Tochter : Woher weisst du dass er verzaubert ist .. Sie Antwortete: wie ich noch klein war, war eine alte verschlagene Zauberin bei mir, die mich die Zauberkunst auswendig lernen liess, so dass ich 170 Zauber verstehe .. The king :

By taking the absurd seriously, we forgo le bon sens, which leads to Truth ..

__ René Descartes .. Le bon sens is the most fairly distributed thing in the world .. Le lecteur doit donc user de son bon sens, et ne pas pas gober n'importe quelle histoire qu'on peut lui servir .. For (yakzan يقضان) means (awake) ..

__ Charles Dickens coined the phrase : The boy is called ignorance .. En effet, children's ideas (أفكار الأطفال ) se révèlent être, oftentimes, (absurd ideas / أفكار سخيفة),...Continue Reading
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◄► Robert Graves .. Poseidon's name, which was sometimes spelt Potidan, may have been borrowed from that of his goddess—mother, after whom the city Potidaea was called: the water—goddess of Ida ..

Ida meaning any wooded mountain .. "Poseidon" means "forest" .. literally ‘(wood) outside’, from Latin foris ‘outside’ ..

Es besteht ein Zusammenhang between The names : Forestier, Forrester, Förster, etc. (in literary works ) and the allegorical role of Poseidon .. (?) ..

__ Hanns Dudeldee, by Adalbert Ludwig .. The etymology of (Atlantic, Atlas) correspond with that of (Atlas ~ الطَّوْل), as an expression of greatness resulting from riches (السعة) and rise in power (العظمة ) .. verb (طال) = be long, high, great ..

__ Was willst du König Dudeldee? asked the little fish .. Dudeldee said : Mache mich doch gleich zum (mächtigsten / عظيم) König ..

Als er heim kam, da waren Gesandte aus allen Reichen und Weltteilen da, arme Poeten warteten mit Gedichten auf ATLAS, auf ihn ..

Vocabulary .. (Dudeldee) fait penser à (die Geduld) = patience / الصبر, long-suffering .. Poor Poets praise the greatness (الطول) of Dudeldee ..

The purpose of this story (المغزى), highlights (...Continue Reading
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Ein Rätsel to solve : Die Gänsehirtin am Brunnen .. (Grossmutter) equal to (جدة), is illustrative of The pivotal role of (جد) = Earnestness / Ernsthaftigkeit ..
verb (جد) = sich bemühen, hart arbeiten, make serious efforts, toil, labor ..

◄► The old woman made die Gänsehirtin become a person of a (serious disposition) = (ernst / جاد) as opposed to (frivolous / leichtsinnig) the sisters become ..
__ But habits of vanities and pleasures, made the sisters become (frivolous people ) allegorized by (dress and sugar )..
verb (ألف) = get used, jdn an etwas gewöhnen, habituate sb. to sth., accoutumer qqn à qqch .. The letter (ألف/ Aleph ) correspond to Greek Alpha ..
__ (Stunde) paralleled with (ساعة) point to (السعي / das Streben / endeavors) ..

◄► “Weißt du denn, welche Stunde es ist?” fragte die Alte .. “Noch nicht Mitternacht,” antwortete das Mädchen, “aber schon ELF UHR vorbei?” ..

Denkst du nicht daran, dass du heute vor drei Jahren zu mir gekommen ist? Deine Zeit ist aus, wir können nicht länger beisammen bleiben (stay together ) ..
__ (elf ) Uhr, allude to (ألف) = (das Beisammen Bleiben) of three years ..
(إيلاف / habit) .. (ألفة / gemütliches Zusammenbleiben) ..

◄► (olfa &#...Continue Reading
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سلطان الحق ~ The king who beurteilt eine Sache durch die Kraft der Wahrheit

Hans Stumme: Tunisische Märchen und Gedichte

◄► Es war einmal ein Fischer (صياد), der pflegte jeden Tag auf den Fischfang auszugehen und den ganzen Tag über sein Netz auszuwerfen; doch fing er immer nur (zwei armselige Fische) ..

The fisherman pflegete / إعتاد / avait coutume de) to catch only two miserable fishes a paltry (amount / قدر) that makes a shabby (living / رزق) .. And he cannot make it possible to catch more fish ..

__ (Lebensunterhalt / رزق / livelihood) is represented by (قدر /amount ) which is (predetermined) = verb (قدر /bestimmen) ..

__ die vertauschten Liebenden, by Martin Beheim-schwarzbach .. The servant speaking to (قمر الزمان) : Bist du deines Erfolg so gewiss. Doch kann es deinem Ruhm nur vermehren ..

__ And so, a correlation arise between (قدر / Ruhm) and (قدرة / das Können) ..

Vocabulary .. noun (قدر) = Ansehen, Ruhm, high ranking منزلة مرتفعة , Würde, honors, Ehre .. verb (قدر / können) = be able to do sth. Etwas vermögen, imstande sein etwas zu tun ..
...Continue Reading
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► An often neglected detail is, Plato describes Atlantis to have ruled Libya as far as Egypt.

That means Atlantis must have been located west of Libya and Libya itself must already have been part of the Atlantean territory ..

Egypt, ( أم الدنيا), The motherland .. The old country (أم البلاد) ..

Coincidently, The legendary land of Atlantis, was also called The motherland and The old country - Mary Hope ..

A mega disaster seem have happened at the end of the third millennium B. C. .. But no evidence of Atlantis has ever been found ..

Looking far back in time, it was found that Atlantis had been only cited in connection with The Garden of the Hesperides and the isles of the blest ..

Atlas was the father of the Daughters of (Hesperus غروب) = disappearance, Unter-gang, le déclin ..

There seems to be a link between (غرب west) and (عرب Arab) .. And consequently between Atlas and The Arabic language ..

The ancient language of Samothrace yield evidence of a proto-Arabic language .. Their deities were called (kabirei) similar to (كبير) = great ..

◄ One ► Atlas was the first astronomer - Robert Graves .. This would mean that The Atlanteans devised the most ancient organized system of Astronomy ..

► These wonderful beings who outstripped all other races in...Continue Reading
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Wife," said Mr. Lindsey, after a fit of silence, "see what a quantity of snow the children have brought in on their feet! .. It has made quite a puddle here before the stove ..

Pray tell Dora to bring some towels and mop it up!" ..

◄► (Towel), a piece of cloth, pronounced in Arabic like (طول), is a a clue, that deutet auf (طول) = (die Möglichkeit etwas auszuführen) = (Ability قدرة Fähigkeit) to perform something = etwas vermögen zu tun / be able to do sth .. capability is (مقدرة or إستطاعة) .. The idea of (طول) bring to mind the ideas of Capability and Possibility and Desire .. That is, ( vermögen + Möglichkeit + mögen ) ..

Dora said, that her children arouse wonder .. "They do everything better than other children," .. "No wonder they make better snow-images!" .. Dora comes from (الدرة / addor'ra) .. Dora as a name, denote (sth. worth admiring / الشيء الذى يثير الإعجاب ) which presuppose (bewundernswerte Fähigkeit / admirable ability / admirable skill) .. Which depend upon Capability (مقدرة / vermögen) synonymous with (طول) pronounced like (Towel) ..

(أعج&#...Continue Reading
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◄► At last, however, breakfast was cleared away, and Job, at my request, fetched the chest, and placed it upon the table in a somewhat gingerly fashion, as though he mistrusted it. Then he prepared to leave the room.

“Stop a moment, Job,” I said. “If Mr. Leo has no objection, I should prefer to have an independent witness to this business, who can be relied upon to hold his tongue unless he is asked to speak.”

“Certainly, Uncle Horace,” answered Leo; for I had brought him up to call me uncle—though he varied the appellation somewhat disrespectfully by calling me “old fellow,” or even “my avuncular relative.”

Job touched his head, not having a hat on.
◄► Thus the letter, which was unsigned and undated, abruptly ended.

“What do you make of that, Uncle Holly,” said Leo, with a sort of gasp, as he replaced it on the table. “We have been looking for a mystery, and we certainly seem to have found one.”

“What do I make of it? Why, that your poor dear father was off his head, of course,” I answered, testily. “I guessed as much that night, twenty years ago, when he came into my room. You see he evidently hurried his own end, poor man. It is absolute balderdash.”

“That’s it, sir!” said Job, solemnly. Job was a most matter-of-fact specimen of a matter-of-fact class.
◄► Then followed twelve Latin signatures, jotted about here and there, wherever there was a space upon the tile suitable to their inscription. These signatures, with...Continue Reading
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Langenscheidt dictionary ..

__ Verb (jalla جل and يجل) = gross sein, erhaben sein .. (jallala جلل and أجل) = honored, respected, ehren, hochachten .. (جل) = was mature, of a ripe age, was aged, old.. (وجل wajula) = اسن and شاخ, become old .. (jall جل) =gross, gewaltig, erhaben ..

__ (جليل) = great, exalted, illustrious, venerable, erhaben, wichtig, glorreich, prächtig, achtbar ..

__ (jalal جلال ) = greatness, majesty, Erhabenheit, Pracht .. (jalalah جلالة ) = Majesté .. (ijlal اجلال ) = Verehrung, Hochachtung ..

__ Verb (جلا and يجلو ) = klar sein, weggehen .. (place / Ort) = räumen .. reinigen, putzen, polieren, vertreiben, entfernen ..

__ (jala' جلاء) = Klarheit, Deutlichkeit .. Abzug, Evakuierung, Räumung ..

__ (اجلى and جلول عن) = moved, emigrated from, sich entfernen, evakuieren .. (تجلى) = sich zeigen, klar werden .. (انجلى) = sich herausstellen .. (اجتلى) = enthüllen, betrachten .. (استجلى) = klären, aufhellen, enthüllen .. (تجلى &#...Continue Reading
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The stories of Mr. Gathergold, Old blood-and-Thunder, the statesman and the poet ..

These men started life as ordinary people (عباد) , they left the native valley, and afterwards became celebrities ..

But Ernest remained in the valley and persevered = (ثابر), (the mutabor of Wilhelm Hauff ), to be a humble and simple man ..

The stone face did not value these men .. value, (ثَمَّنَ), Wert darauf legen .. And by way of consequence, Ernest did not value the accomplishments of these men, because the ideals of Ernest follow those of the stone face ..

This amounts to saying, that (Ernest / جاد) didn't value the (endeavors / جد) of these men ..

German (Ernest) , Arabic (جاد), English (Earnest) , French (Sérieux) ..

noun (al jid الجد) ~ (seriousness) .. verb (جد) ~ (was earnest about, exerted himself) ..

Hawthorne is associated with (an old man of the mountain) .. A geological formation, that might have inspired Hawthorne ..

As for Ernest Hemingway, he is associated with (an old man of the sea) .. (heming-way) could mean return to (heim, home /native country, heimat) .. Thus, it make one think of the story of Hawthorne ..

The contextual sense insinuate that (worship / عبد) originate from (common man / عبد)...Continue Reading
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Whether it was a photograph in a shop-window that had first prompted me, or a chance remark negligently dropped in my hearing, I do not now remember nor does it much signify. I know only that some time before that spring day the word Eskimo had rung (رن) inside me and that the sound (صوت) had begun to swell like the vibrations of a great bell and had eventually filled the whole of my subconscious being.

I had not been possessed instantly by a conscious and urgent need to go into the Arctic and live with a primitive people. These things operate slowly, like the germ of a cancer. They brood within, they send out tentacles and grow. Their first effect is not decision but restlessness.

You find yourself feeling that something is obscurely yet radically wrong with your life. You fidget. Your world becomes progressively more stuffy, less tolerable.

Probably you show it, and show it unpleasantly, for your friends seem to you more and more to be talking nonsense, leading a meaningless existence, content with a frivolity and a mediocrity to which you find yourself superior. In their eyes, very likely, unbearable superior.

But no matter. The thing is at work in you. Finally, there comes a moment when you waken (صحا) in the middle of the night and lie still, eyes open in the dark. Life, you sense, is about to change. Something is about to happen : you have made your decision (برم الأم&#...Continue Reading
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I trust the boy who’s not afraid .. To do his share of work;

Who never is by toil dismayed .. And never tries to shirk .. By anon - The boys we need ..

shirk / sich drücken (um eine Pflicht) ..

need / benötigen, brauchen ..

share / قسط / Anteil / ..

toil / جدَّ / mühsame Arbeit, Plackerei ..

dismay / erschrecken ..

◄► chap. 21, Der Rock aus Drillich und Samt .. Da stieß der Junge plötzlich einen Schrei aus. Er hatte, während er da auf dem Gänserich durch die Luft ritt, mit dem einen Fuß geschaukelt und dabei einen Holzschuh verloren ..

„Gänserich! Gänserich!“ rief der Junge. „Ich habe meinen Holzschuh fallen lassen!“

Der Gänserich wendete sich um und ließ sich auf die Erde hinabfallen. Aber da sah der Junge, daß zwei Kinder, die auf dem Wege daherkamen, seinen Schuh aufgelesen hatten.

„Gänserich! Gänserich!“ schrie der Junge schnell. „Flieg wieder hinauf! .. return (ارجع) .. Es ist zu spät! Ich kann meinen Schuh nicht wieder erlangen! (تحصل) “

◄► Aber drunten auf dem Wege stand das Gänsemädchen Åsa mit ihrem Bruder Klein-Mats, und sie betrachteten (رقب) einen kleinen Holzschuh, der vom Himmel heruntergefallen war ..

„O Klein-Mats, erinnerst (تذكر) du dich, als wir am Övedskloster vorbeikamen, erzählte man uns in einem Bauernhofe, man habe dort ein Wichtelmännchen gesehen, das...Continue Reading
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Michael Ende - Momo .. »Dann geht unser ganzer Streit«, meinte Nino nachdenklich, »eigentlich bloß um den heiligenAntonius, den ich aus der Zeitung ausgeschnitten habe.
«Nicola kratzte sich am Kopf. »Eigentlich ja«, (brummte) er, »

du kannst ihn gern wiederhaben, Nino.«

»Aber nicht doch!« antwortete Nino würdevoll. » ( Getauscht ist getauscht!) Ein Handschlag gilt unter Ehrenmännern!« ..

(getauscht ist getauscht ) infer (one is no longer wanting to pursue the matter ) ~ (برم الأمر ) ..

Und plötzlich fingen beide gleichzeitig an zu lachen. Sie kletterten die steinernen Stufen hinunter, trafen sich in der Mitte des gras bewachsenen runden Platzes, umarmten einander und klopften sich gegenseitig auf den Rücken ..

Bemerkung .. The phonetics of (brummen) make one think of (برم ) = (settles a problem by taking an important decision) .. A mere coincidence? ..

◄► Die Bremer Stadtmusikanten .. The donkey carried sacks to the mill, without (grumbling / تبرم / brummen) .. Brummen result from discontentment (عدم الرضاء) and failed expectations (خيبة أمل ) ..

Brummen follows wearness, dissatisfaction, disappointment, frustration, lassitude, and ennui (Langweile, الشعور بالضجر, boredom ) .....Continue Reading
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◄► Der starke Hans, Hans im Glück, etc.

All the "Hans" family of fairy tales transport us through time and space to THE SPECIAL CONDITIONS, which decided how things would look out , and what shape they took ..

__ Feelings of compassion (الشعور بالرءفة ) cause you to look at the world differently .. Mitleid veranlasst dich die Welt mit anderen Augen zu sehen..

__ The motives of the good Samaritan, arise from sympathy ~ (compassion, Barmherzigkeit) aiming at giving help .. He shows a welcoming attitude ~ (هوى إلى ) to the poor ..

__ The motives of the egocentric person, arise from his personal interest (مصلحته الشخصية ) .. And consequently, from his self-love (حب الذات) ..

__ A crossroad ~ (موزع) allegorize The origin, and consequently, the motives for a certain attitude .. The same applies to a well, a fountain, ein Brunnen, eine Zisterne, etc.

(وزع) = (entspringen / نبع / prendre source) .. (وزع) = (arise from) ..

(وزع) shows the motives (وازع) for a certain attitude ..

(وزع) zeigt der Beweggrund, der Anlass, die Ursache (وازع) für ein...Continue Reading
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◄► [Der Witz und seine Beziehung zum Unbewussten]. Trad. de l'allemand (Autriche) par Denis Messier .. (Scherzwort عبارة هزلية, joke) , Witz : (mot d'esprit), voire (jeu de mots), et aussi faculté d'en produire, et plus largement d'inventer une combinaison de choses hétérogènes, reste comme on le sait, intraduisible.

Le fait est qu'aucun équivalent n'est satisfaisant .. Traduire Witz et witzig par (wit et witty), écrit Strachey, eût conduit à de fâcheux malentendus. Dans l'usage anglais ordinaire, ces mots ont un sens fort restreint, ils s'appliquent exclusivement aux plaisanteries (jokes) les plus raffinées, les plus intellectuelles ..

Le Witz a donc partie liée avec le fragment, la trouvaille, la surprise (y compris pour son auteur: un bon Witz surprend aussi celui qui l'énonce). Il est proche de L'Einfall freudien, de l'idée qui vient sans qu'on l'attende; il échappe à la liaison discursive au bénefice d'autres liens déconcertants : il met en rapport des choses qui ne sont pas faites pour aller ensemble, il les condense, il les combine, ou mieux il les marie, le plus souvent dans une "mésalliance" ..

ER HAT SEINE GELDKATZE MIT GOLD UND SILBER GESPICKT .. (Der Witz / هزل / joke) suggest (هزل / thin) as opposed to (gespickt / fat) ..

Thereby (هزل / thin) est combiné en mésalliance avec (greed الجشا...Continue Reading