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Posted by BladeMan | Dec 28, 2010 @ 09:11 AM | 2,867 Views
Just like any sport or hobby there are a lot of different companys that make a similar product. Take my love for Futaba and why I give my buddys a hard time for having a Speck system. For the most part it is brand loyality and my life long experience using their products. I have used them since the AM days when they were huge, gold boxes... and no problems. I have always trusted my link to the model back then and today.

When Specktrum came out a lot of my buddys jumped on the deal because the new 2.4 technology was affordable. They could save about 60 bucks going Speck Vs. Futaba. I played around with the DX6 and the screan was almost impossible to read in daylight and those binding plugs were easy to loose. I herd a lot of problems in Specks early days at E-Fest when 30 people were trying to bind their planes at once... it doesn't work well.

For the record I don't hate Speck, I just perfer my Futaba radio. I even own a DX7 because of the cool planes that Horizon hobbies / Eflight has. I enjoy my Sukhoi and want to buy the micro 4site soon. With that said, owning both systems, I still like the Futaba menu and easy link feature.

As far as the parkflyer receivers go with both systems, Futaba wins the range test with me. My Micro light FASST receiver (R6004FF) is sweet, I have 5 of them. I have taken my firefly out just about as far as I can see and still have a good connection.

My buddy Graham lost his 60 size model using a Speck receiver going in brown out. This was sold as a regular receiver with no remote antenna. AR600 using his DX6. He now uses a AR7100 with that funny remote thing attached to it. Here is a video of the last flight... Enjoy

Blueandwhiteshitbox (0 min 13 sec)

So there, my 2 cents on why I perfer using a Futaba system over everything else. I curently own a Futaba 10C 2.4 system - LOVE IT -
Posted by BladeMan | Dec 28, 2010 @ 08:43 AM | 2,409 Views
And then there was foam... My addiction started long ago when I decided to add gear to those cheep huge gliders you get at hobby stores. I would add servos and a .049 engine and Presto, a plane I could beat up and fly untill my repairs using epoxy made the power to weight imposible to sustain flight.

Over the years since then everything got smaller and lighter. When Lipo batterys came into play my love for the hobby increased 10 fold. I joined RC groups and found the Firefly and learned about Depron. Here was a cool looking, very easy to fly model I can build in a few evenings. I probably have built over 25 of them. I can build them for friends that have flown nitro a few times and get them hooked. Cheep fun and no need to drive to the flying filed all the time either. I can take 25min out of my day and fly in my backyard anytime I need my fix. Thease FireFlys can take a lot of wind too. I have built a supped up version of LeadFeathers design with a larger motor. This thing is fast! here is the video if you haven't seen it.

Fireflyvideo (1 min 12 sec)

This plane makes a good platform for adding a small video camera for some cool shots too. I got this 30frame spy camera on e-bay for about 14bucks.

trip around the block sitting ontop of a R/C plane! (3 min 52 sec)
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