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Posted by BEX | Sep 27, 2007 @ 02:02 AM | 4,292 Views
Here follows a brief description of my first RC flights
(it may well serve as a warning to others who want try going it on their own)

First flight
duration: 3 seconds
what happened: Stalled, crashed.
damage: none
diagnoses: underestimated the speed necessary
for takeoff and kept pulling back on the
elevator. When the craft did take of, it
stalled and crashed.
Lesson: You need a large area, and give it
time to pick up speed.

Flight 2
duration: 8 seconds
what happened: lifted of, ran out of space,
turned around, cot confused, crashed
damage: wing moved backwards till prop caught
it, but only small hole. undercarriage bent.
diagnoses: Got confused when turned around.
The real craft does not turn as smooth as the
Lesson: go to bigger area so that you do not
have to turn so quickly or tightly. throttle back when crash imminent

Flight 3
duration: about 45 seconds
what happened: wind a bit strong, but
impatient, so I take of. Going into wind is
slower, so easier to fly. Reach end of open
field at good height and turn. Aircraft then
rockets off with the wind and I turn it just
in time over some trees. wild aerobatics in the
turbulence above/behind the trees, but manage
to get over them. Coming in to land a gust
pushes plane back and nose into ground.
damage: wing moves again and prop clip it on
the other side. wing symmetrical again.
diagnoses: nice to fly into strong wind, but
when you have to turn around it...Continue Reading