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Posted by HugoCraft | Aug 12, 2012 @ 09:56 PM | 8,176 Views
Had a blast flying again this year in the Cincinnati IMAC"Burn It" Challenge! Flew 2 contests last year and now 2 this year but moved up to sportsman this year. Sportsman was the biggest class with 10 pilots but the total pilot count was 31 pilots! I came in 5th but I know I got at least (1) 1000 after round 3 but not sure after that. I don't think I zeroed any of the unknowns so I'm happy. I forgot to pick up my score sheets but the results will be posted soon.

I wasn't plan on flying freestyle since I hadn't flown that plane in 2 weeks but they talked me into it. I knew about the touch the ground rule gets you a zero but I totally forgot about it and I realized it after I drug the rudder across the ground a couple feet a few minutes in. Also I think nobody there ever seen a pop-top before and were amazed by it. Everybody saying they never seen that before, what is it called, where did you see it, how do you do it, etc.

After watching intermediate so much I want to give that a try and practice both knowns and uknowns. That should make sportsman easier to fly. I had a great time and overall a very fun event.

All the pictures I took are here:

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