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Posted by HugoCraft | Jun 30, 2012 @ 02:39 PM | 8,961 Views
This is my 5th flight on the new Blade 130-x but the first flight with the high performance blades without the weighted bullets. It has never been crashed or dropped at all. Basically only 5 flights without any damage or problems.

Toward the end of the flight you can see it started to piro all of a sudden and I pegged the rudder the right/oppposite of the rotation with no reponse. I even wiggled the rudder before it hit and still no reaction. After it hit I noticed one of the tail blades was gone but the bolt holding it was still there. I couldn't find the blade at all and I searched near by the crash site. I think it shot the tail blade then it started to piro and there was nothing I could do. I tried to keep it at zero pitch and hit throttle hold. One grip had the ball break off at the end but the link was still atttached to the swashplate. That could of gone first but I doubt it since the blades looked fine upon impact and the link easily gets binded with only one end attached to swashplate.

Earlier I lost half or one of the canopy mounts that holds the canopy by walking the helicopter from the truck to the bench without the canopy on. So make sure your canopy mounts are secure to the cf rod and not loose! So far the parts I need is new main blade grips, tail blades, and canopy rod.

I guess I need to contact Horizon but they will want me to mail the entire helicopter to them I bet.

Blade 130x Failure in Flight then CRASH! (2 min 48 sec)

edit: also the pin on the bottom of the tail pitch slider broke completely off and is gone. That could of failed in flight then caused the uncontrolled piro.
Posted by HugoCraft | Jun 03, 2012 @ 09:42 PM | 8,515 Views
Had another very fun day! We set a record yesterday for crowd attendance and I'm sure we broke it again today. Last year we raised >$15,000 so I'm sure we beat that since each year we raise more than the last. Had fun flying with Mark Trent and Jeff Williams. Also had fun flying with local talent Josh with helicopters and Michael Hunt with his DA-120 powered Sabach. Also Greg Poppel does a great job announicing and enjoyed the company of Mike Barbee, John Boyko, Jerry Smith, Will Berninger and his wife.

A thread about the event here on FG with a ton of pictures:

Big thanks to Lou for shooting pictures and video all day yesterday. Here is part 1and he does a great job shooting, editing, and creating this final video!

2012 Wings for Kids at RCRCKY Part 1 of 2 (12 min 49 sec)

Its a fun video to watch from start to end but here are some of my favorites:

At 2:46 I help a friend talk him through his landing and then after that try to hold on John Boyko's Pitts with DA-150 in it,

Jeff William at 4:35

1/2 scale cub at 7:15 with da-150 at 68lbs I think

Me with the 87shp at 10:25 then just keep watching and you'll see a couple tail touches

Also it is fun to take photos with Will's 1/2 scale cub

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