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Posted by HugoCraft | Oct 01, 2011 @ 10:24 PM | 11,177 Views
Didn't want to pay the extra $$$ for the PNP kit from wowhobbies so I just made it myself and soldered it up. I bought most of the components from Astroid Designs:

$24 ~ C05M 11,500 KV short 1mm shaft Brushless Motor

$15 ~ XP-7A 1-2S ESC

$5.50 ~ Carbon lower frame brace .5mm

The only thing I got from wowhobbies was the Steve converter w/resistor so you can plug the yellow wire to the brushed motor connector on the main board if you solder a male plug to it. That was $20 before shipping.

The only things left were a female and male mCP-x battery connector which I acquired from a friend who bought a bunch of those in bulk from an electronics place online.

First I took and old frame missing the front posts and removed all the plastic until the motor would fit like Matt Bockmans frame. I ended up using a Dremel high speed cutter wheel to remove most the plastic followed by a razor to trim it up. Lastly I added the cf lower brace and it was so tight that it needs no glue.

What I did:

I cut the heat shrink off the xp-7a esc then de-soldered the motor leads. I shortened the motor leads to 30cm and soldered them straight to the ESC. I then soldered the mCP-x battery connector to the power input on the xp-7a. I plugged in a servo tester and powered up the xp-7a to verify I had the motor spinning the correct way and luckily it was correct the first time.

Then I added a very short male mCP-x battery lead to the xp-7a...Continue Reading