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Posted by scottyo | Apr 07, 2010 @ 08:02 PM | 5,499 Views
Well....I do.

I've been building a lot of EPP planes lately. My first was the Infineon - and those plans were great! Very little adjustment needed and it made me fall in love with EPP. (I hadn't learned all of the techniques by then - still haven't - but the plane turned out beautifully). Then I discovered leadfeather! Oh man what wonderful designs Dan comes up with. I've built the 32" Yak 55, the PbF, the SkyCart (with Yoshi driving!), the Apache autogyro, and the 42" version of his Edge 540T (the 42" plans are by motorhead). All are fantastic flyers (even tho I can't fly the Apache very well)! I was about ready to start on his latest - the Quick Stick, but I got sidetracked with Mr Flash's EPP Ultimate.

My point is, the plans for the Infineon, and all of the plans for leadfeather's and motorhead's planes are fantastic. The Infineon plans were the most complex, but the plane went together nicely. Leadfeather's designs, though simpler than the Infineon, were honed to perfection and the plans were updated regularly to incorporate his latest changes. And the pieces of EPP cut from his plans fit together like they should have.

Then comes the Ultimate... Now I'm not talking about the 30" version by Mr Flash (those plans are posted in the groups). I decided I wanted to go big and slick looking, so I ordered the back issue of RCM&E (Dec 2009) to build the 39" wing span version (also by Mr Flash - Dave Royds). The magazine arrived from...Continue Reading