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Posted by Sundancer | Feb 22, 2012 @ 05:43 PM | 13,714 Views
Over 63 years of building flying models, totalling somewhere in the region of 550, one of my regrets is that there are very many of them where I have no photographs, in fact there are whole chunks of my modelling career for which I have no visual record. It's a whole lot easier now with digital photography, and I do have pretty complete coverage of everything I have built in the last ten years or so.

Lately I have been digging through the old prints I have and making a start on scanning them, so I thought I would make a start in compiling a gallery of all the models for which I can find photos.

This is going t be a fairly lengthy process as there will be a lot of scanning to do, so to get off to a flying start I will begin with the most recent stuff, for which I already have digital images, and work backwards, so apologies for the fact that some of the pictures in this first period, the six years from 2006 when we moved to France, have already featured in build logs and other posts on the forum.

2006 to 2012

So, starting with the latest first;
Double size version of the Frog Mamba rubber model for electric power and radio. Span 38 inches, AUW 23.3/8 ounces, power BRC 220 watt outrunner, battery 1500 3S lipo.