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Posted by indoorheli | Oct 03, 2012 @ 01:45 PM | 14,675 Views
Following Dylans lead I went off and started my brushless conversion of the nano the other day. Durning the conversions I noticed the motor does not have to have the hub changed out for a bearing tube nor did i need to make a new longer shaft as been mentioned previously.

To make the pinion reach the proper area below the motor it needed an additional 1mm in length which i was able to get from pounding the motor shaft downward from the bell a bit.

Instead of using a bearing tube from another motor I left the hub the same and made an adapter out of clear tubing that I was able to get cut straight on both sides using two washers as guides. Though after looking back I would now change this out for 7mm plastic washers that are about 2mm thick.

I then shaved the motor mount on the frame perfectly flat to accept the new motor and glued it into place.

I Bought a brushless heli flash stick and made an adapter for my esc though i have not as of yet tried it and instead went and flashed my esc with the micro solder points on the esc itself as suggested by Daryoon and is how it is written up in the BLHeli guide.

I soldered everything straight to the esc and piped the power to the esc before the main board. I tapped the signal into the back of the board upper right of the main board. I then flashed my esc when BLHeli code V6.1 as V7.0 wouldnt flash.

I then mounted the servos using msrx blade grip screws, pitch link ends and the dampers from the feather in shaft. I will change out the dampers for solid washers soon.

After flying a bit I have noticed any little vibe on 8 tooth makes the tail kick. It seems most vibes come from the servo arms that now touch the servo when moving due to the servo being brought outward. Simple fix will be to put a small outward bend in each arm.