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Posted by osalvat | Apr 15, 2016 @ 06:31 PM | 2,868 Views
For those interested in WWII, Pacific theater, the other nite while taking a break for studying I stumbled in YouTube upon the 2011 movie The Admiral, which I have never seen nor heard of before. I was looking for any talk given by any of the well known WW I-II historians such as John Keegan, Anthony Beevor, Citino, etc, when I happened to find this very well made Japanese film which depicts a period of about 6-8 years in the life of Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto, I'm guessing from 1934-35 to his death in 1943. I really liked it, specially the parts of the film showing his family life and how strongly he opposed the pro-war factions within the IJN as well as IJA, anyway I think the movie is very well acted and as far as I know pretty accurate historically wise and some of you may enjoy watching it.
Posted by osalvat | Mar 14, 2016 @ 09:31 PM | 3,397 Views
Has anyone seen what is currently happening in Europe, specifically in Germany, with the unrestricted immigration from Africa? I know this is not a political nor social venue at all but I went to school in Europe and I am speechless as to what is happening there.

I hope nothing like that ever happens in this country...never!
Posted by osalvat | Oct 17, 2015 @ 12:19 PM | 94,714 Views
Hi everyone I just got today Fairmount Sherpa hull made by Peter Zak and the quality of it is excellent. Hull is almost 51. 5 inches long by almost 13 win in width. Glass lay out was uniform and smooth everywhere---I mean everywhere--- just as well made as those made by Microglass and Kingston Mouldings, UK, the two best fiberglass work as have seen. I do like "snake" lines all over the inside of the hull. For comparison I took and a couple of pics of a Darby hull, quite strong hull and no doubt well made but not as clean and uniform as Fairmount (sorry Dave but truth be told!) and a Caldercraft's Cumbrae,...way too thin glass thickness, it looks like an egg shell compared to Fairmount. Very good price for such top quality fiberglass work considering it was shipped all the way from Europa. Packing was great and big box got here fairly untouched. Wish Model Slipway would use styrofoam when shipping their kits, last one I got hull was cracked badly and threw it away.

Thanks Peter--great job, hope you make the whole kit one day....Continue Reading
Posted by osalvat | Oct 20, 2014 @ 10:35 PM | 5,737 Views
Hi everyone--Jeff, Tim, Tom, Neil, Peter, Karl, Rich, and many others that contribute to this phenomenal hobby we love w craftsmanship and knowledge.

Well today I got from Cornwall Model Boats, a BIG BOX w Graupners Premium line Flower class corvette, 1/48 scale. I'll let the pics do the talking however I must say that the model although it can--never--compare to a build by Jeff, Pat and other professional modelers here, it is for the money you pay a very good deal.
To start w , the fiberglass work on the hull in and out is excellent--clean and neat--everywhere, yes there is no rivet detail on nothing of the sort but very nice fiberglass work, the overall detailing of the model is reasonably good and it comes w motor, servo and ESC installed...what more can you ask for in an ARTR model?
Again you cannot compare this to a Nectan, a Resolve, a Marie Felling, Aziz, etc, but I'm satisfied w the overall quality of this Premium line model. I was hoping the stern tube would be either 8 or 6 mm so that I can use a Raboesch housing but it it's a 10 mm tube w a 4 mm shaft--packed w greased to the maximum I may add. The packing of this reasonably large model was excellent, there were 4 fittings lose that can be glued easily, and a small cracked piece from the polymer rudder, this box went from Germany to England then to Georgia...how many miles is that?...don't know, but a bunch. Delivery from the city of Cornwall to me took 4 days and the service provided by Cornwall Model Boats:...Continue Reading
Posted by osalvat | Oct 09, 2012 @ 07:49 PM | 5,336 Views
Hi folks, got today a fiberglass hull made by Don, owner of Loyalhanna Dockyard.
i have heard that Don learned the "art" of making top notch FB work from Karl, Microglass, well, i think that Don learned so well that his work is as good as Karl's!
(maybe better...hehe). i'll try to attach a couple of pics of this EXCEPTIONALLY WELL MADE HULL--as stated above, as good as Kingston Mouldings, Model Slipway and Microglass. Hull's outside needs no sanding, flawlessly smooth, thickness is about 2 mm even all across and waterline is neatly marked all around the hull. Prop shafts exits are marked as well.

Top notch work Don!...Continue Reading
Posted by osalvat | Dec 31, 2011 @ 09:27 PM | 8,859 Views
Hi Folks,

This blog is a "follow up" sort of, to the excellent build thread Jeff wrote on Mountfleets's ST Nectan. Now the model is here, and I must say it looks even better live than on pics, sometimes the opposite is true, but not here. Mountfleet says the model is 10.5 inches wide, but mine measures 11.2" at the widest point, the rest is as in the pics, simply a beautiful model w a huge amount of detail and great markings in the hull of the ship. It is impressive in every way. Mountfleet is, IMO, the best kit manufacturer outhere. I did make a couple of modifications which were not needed at all...Jeff built the model perfectly well needless to say, but I changed both the motor and the prop, again there was absolutely nothing wrong w either one! The motor I replaced the MFA 800 (very good motor this is) with, is a MACK Model Marine Twin Motor 2500-2540....these motor/s are not only excellent but they look good. They look great actually. I like a 3 blade prop on this ship better than the original prop that came w the kit, both props are Raboesch, the original was a 4 blade prop. The total weight is around 37 pounds w the battery but I may have to add a few pounds once I see the model in the water. The Twin Motor is powered by a 6 v battery but it was designed to handle 12 v w/o a problem.
The 2500-2540 has a 4:1 gear reduction, turning 3000 RPM's under load if I'...Continue Reading
Posted by osalvat | Dec 21, 2011 @ 05:07 PM | 13,715 Views
Hi Folks,

For all of you who like warships, especially, the German battleship Bismarck, I will try to attach a few pictures of Graupner's Premium Line ARTR model.
I recently purchased the model from Graupner USA and I am very satisfied with the service provided by them as well as the excellent quality of this ARTR scale model. I drove to Sarasota, Florida to pick up the model myself. It came very well packed and completely intact, not a single fitting or part was damaged and not a single scratch in the paint job. Needless to say this is a testimony to the quality of the packing from Graupner, considering the size of the model. Graupner USA service was outstanding from start to finish-Thanks Sandy!
The quality of the build for an ARTR model I think is superb considering the total cost of model and the shipping all the way from Germany.
The paint job is beautiful and the inside of the model is reasonably spacious and easy to work in. The quality of the fiberglass of the hull also seems very good. The model needs two speed controls, two 6 V batteries, servo and transmitter to be ready for the water. I don't think an ARTR can ever reach the quality of a well built model by an experienced modeler such as Jeff Seemiller or Patrick Matthews, both of whom have built several models for me, all of them of superb quality, however the cost of a commission to builders like Jeff and Patrick can easily be more than twice the cost of Graupner's Premium Line Bismarck, once you...Continue Reading
Posted by osalvat | Dec 13, 2010 @ 11:01 PM | 6,039 Views
Hi everyone,

I took FF for her maiden voyage this past wknd. The model performed perfectly well. Ballasting was to the waterline, with a fine red line to be seen above the water & the Pittman 3700 was a perfect choice for this model which ended up w a total weight of 71 pounds. The scale speed was the right one as far as I can tell. The place was beautiful Callaway Gardens in central Georgia and the weather Friday and Saturday was perfect to sail the model. Almost no one in the park except for the wknd golf players and the occasional park dweller...birds and ducks. No insects. The water was about 50 degrees, and I was able to find a shallow area (about 2 feet deep) which allowed me to lower the model to the water w/o excessive effort, however this boat is much better handled by two persons than one. Seventy pounds are seventy pounds. The battery alone is 26 pounds of removable ballast which helps inmensely when you are trying to manouver in above-the-knee-cold water and a big boat moving right below you. Anyway, I was able to do it w/o breaking anything! The total running time was about 6 hours, 2 on Frid. abd 4 on Saturday and the boat was
dry-as-a-bone after all this running time...love these watertight Raboesch shafts, have never let me down. Best there are in this hobby as far as I'm concern.

Patrick Matthews did a fantastic job in this model...so far FF is the best model I've ever owned, but what was really amazing...& convenient was how...Continue Reading