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Posted by sg sailing | Feb 09, 2010 @ 07:52 AM | 2,631 Views
A bit of a diversion for me after flying Heli's and Glider's the most recent member of the fleet is a Chris Foss Wot 4.
Some time ago I was at the heli field with some fellow flyers when someone turned up with a little electric tainer he had purchased for his son. This chap had flown years before but wanted help from a current flyer to maiden the little ship. When the question was asked who would like to fly it comment's from the group came forth from individuals like " I only fly heli's" and "I haven't flown planes for years". The poor chap was getting nowhere fast so he then turns to me being the oldest present and probably hoping for at leaest some experience in the required field, as I paused contemplating an answer my friend Niel piped up with "dont give it to Steve he has never flown anything with wheels on" Well the the poor chap ended up doing his own maiden and did quite well. The comment stuck with me as being very funny and quite true. So after almost every other R/C discipline here's the Wot 4
Posted by sg sailing | Sep 05, 2009 @ 06:24 PM | 2,242 Views
Here is some vid of the Whisper

whisper on board cam (3 min 11 sec)