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Posted by AlouetteIII | Nov 22, 2010 @ 04:58 AM | 9,809 Views
You can buy the V3 F-18 airframe at AH. I got one from them. They are the Singapore distributor and stock several colour schemes. semantics v2/v3 - it's already been covered in the thread - post 2904. If you use the 'search this thread' box and enter v3 - you can edify yourself and decide what to believe. It's not like they changed the wing aerofoil or the tip washout. 6 of one - half a dozen of the other.The split-elevators are way-off scale and I am thinking TV nozzles.
There is also the Viper colour and the Tiger meet.

I get good results from the HWing aka turnigy 80a but I add my own heatsink with fins and put the thing just infront of the fan in the airflow. Interested to see how you go with the Alturn90.

My only recommendation is if you are going to use the Hawkwere fan shroud then get the Wemotec compressor/spinner and a Wemo collet as well.

I want to keep it light enough to hand launch with the retracts up for grass - and occasionally use them at the beach on the low-tide. I will be using the std oleos but shortening them ( to scale) and using these etracts. at $7 I keep several as spares and just replace them if/when they fail.


Modifications to F-18 Starmax V3
Started my F-18 build last night inspired by th efforts of droppo@bigpond on the F-18 thread. RAAF grey (with a twist) I am using a Wemo and an 80A HWing esc giving me 1665Wp dynamically...Continue Reading