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Posted by Braddock, VC | Oct 22, 2011 @ 07:17 AM | 4,961 Views
I've got a package of wood ready and am marking out the astrohog fuselage formers and wing ribs. The method I use to mark out the various components is to photocopy each component on our ancient canon photocopier that uses toner; the paper wing ribs are then snipped out and placed on a 4" wide strip of paper to avoid too much waste then placed photocopied side down over the 4" balsa sheet and ironed with a covering iron turned right up. The outline is transferred to the balsa. I cut round the outline with a sharp scalpel then bolt them together to cut the slots for the spars and to sand the edges smooth.
I bought a large sheet of 3mm birch ply for the fus formers and a rake of 3/32" quarter grain balsa for the wing ribs. I can't get 5/16" balsa sheet to strip off the various spars that are made from this size balsa so I've bought 2 x 4" wide sheets of 1/8" medium balsa and one sheet of hard 1/16" balsa sheet to laminate the sheet which I will then strip off into 5/16" square sticks with my band saw.
I keep my bandsaw in a loft over my business so the whole lot, sticks, formers and ply wing ribs will be cut out at the same time. I am buying a 1/4" square tool ( google permagrit to see what I mean) to file out the spar notches en masse but I have yet to decide what material to use for the spars; the plan shows 1/4" square hard balsa - I'm torn between basswood or 2 square carbon tubes per panel with balsa for the rear spars, we'll see as I'm off to the local model shop to see what they have and how much it costs before committing.
Next week it's quiet at work so I'll leave the staff ticking over and go and visit my relatives in Wales (on the west in wales whereas I live in Dover on the East coast).
Posted by Braddock, VC | Oct 13, 2011 @ 11:25 AM | 4,727 Views
I don't know what it is but I've lost the will to fly. I think I've bought to many artfs and just can't bond with them, also I've been getting bigger and bigger airframes which seem to take me away from what I really wanted to do which was fly smaller aircraft, say 5 feet wingspan with smaller engines.
I've been following the thread on here called is the astrohog the best plane ever. I had one of the flair models and it was a real pretty plane and an excellent flier so I sent off to the X list of plans and bought the plans for the original as drawn by Fred Dunn. This plan is a work of art and I've decided to build it over the winter so I'll bond with it and perhaps bring back some of the fervour to my modelling.
I'll post some pix of it as the build progresses but only when the components are complete.
I have to go in for surgery on my right eye to straighten it up so I get back my depth perception but I won't know for sure until late November so whilst I'm recuperating I'll make a kit of parts, I've got most of the wood, just need some 1/16" 3-ply and then it's on with the show.