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Posted by Braddock, VC | Nov 15, 2010 @ 06:44 PM | 5,132 Views
Can I get the time to clear a space on the table, lay some soft towelling over it to lay my plane on and apply these bloody decals?
The answer is NO! Always the way I have 4 busy days and nights and next weekend my son is playing away and I'm the taxi so I won't be finishing the Xtrawot for at least a week.
It's almost christmas, I've done no shopping so that week might stretch into two and then three then it's christmas and I need a vacation but I can't go as we've a major expansion going on in my business, hot damn I only work to pay for my hobby and I can't get the time to do it.
Rant over but I guess you guys out there know how I feel, I need four hours or so, tops and I can't string em together.

Frustrated of Dover.
Posted by Braddock, VC | Nov 12, 2010 @ 07:07 PM | 5,079 Views
Here's the layout of the graphics I have to add, couldn't do it tonight as I'd something else on, perhaps tomorrow.
BTW the colours are much brighter than this, the red is a much deeper red and the light blue is sky blue.
Posted by Braddock, VC | Nov 12, 2010 @ 06:55 AM | 5,349 Views
I hope these pictures come through, this is ready to go in the white.
I have 3 colours of vynil trim, there is dark blue and the cowl, spinner, u/c and pants will be this colour. Also light blue and maroon.

By the way it's fitted with the two seater canopy.

Whaddya think?
Posted by Braddock, VC | Nov 11, 2010 @ 05:04 PM | 4,820 Views
All back together, bought two digital servos, one for the elevator and one for the rudder, they are the bog standard spektrum ones and apparently are quite torquey. I used Kavan furry mylar hinges pegged with cocktail sticks after epoxying them in, was going to use gorilla glue but didn't find it until after I'd used the epoxy .
I've been rethinking the colour scheme, the original builder gave me a set of vynil trims that I felt was not the right colour for me.
I rolled them out tonight and blow me they are just the ticket so I'll be slapping them on tomorrow night.
I have two dynathrust props one 18 x 6 and one 17 x 8, the thing is about these props they are quite heavy one is 125 grammes the other 127, nearly twice as heavy as an apc so it'll cut down on lead if I need any. Just have to trim the carl goldberg spinner I have to fit it, this was originally intended for the goldberg ultimate I'm building but I think I'll put an alloy one one there.
I have two canopies one for a single seater version, the other for a two seater, christ it's not even semi-scale!! it does look prettier with the 2 seat version though.
No hurry to get it all together, no flying weather for a couple of weeks yet real depressions swinging in from the atlantic, at least it's not cold.
First thing to do will be to run in the laser 200 vee, the hog of the model aero world! .
I'll get a couple of pix without the colour then some with the colour and post them shortly.
Posted by Braddock, VC | Nov 04, 2010 @ 06:54 AM | 5,144 Views
Bit of a set back, the builder used Kavan piano hinge type hinges and I gave them quite a strenuous pull test, one aileron pulled out due to inadequate gluing but the rudder, I actually broke two of the hinges.
These were a real pig to remove and I intend to replace them and the aileron hinges with fuzzy hinges, unfortunately both the aileron and rudder hinges enter into the foam that is used to build the wings, ailerons and rudder so I'll have to get some gorilla glue as any cyno, including the foam safe, is suspect in these critical areas.
I gotta say it's far better to have this happen before she gets wind under her wings than during the flight.
I also had a look at the weight issue and have decided to go down the route of digital servos for the rudder and elevator, both mounted at the rear, using one for eles and one for rudder.
If anyone has used the futaba budget digital servos then I'd appreciate a heads up over which to use.