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Posted by Braddock, VC | Oct 31, 2010 @ 08:33 PM | 8,384 Views
Following on from my previous post, even if I sell all those planes I'll still have the following fleet:-
1 Chris foss Wot4, kit built not artf saito 82
2 Chris foss acrowot, saito 82
3 Chris foss extrawot laser veetwin 200
4 Super Scorpion Vintage os forty fs, 66" span
5 Flair Junior 60 vintage os 26 fs 60" span.
6 Plan built winday ain't it, vintage, os 26fs, 61 Span.
7 Plan built Southerner Major 84" span os 52 fs
8 Kit built Keil Kraft Falcon 96" span, laser 70
9 GP slopoke 40 artf os 55 ax
10 Goldberg c/w cub laser 80
11 goldberg ultimate bipe 120 4s
12 plan built super tauri Irvine 36
13 ARC Jupiter os 55 ax
14 arc cessna os 91 fx
15 electric flying wing thing
Plus several repairable planes and 4 or 5 kits.
No wonder my wife is anti-models!!!!
Posted by Braddock, VC | Oct 31, 2010 @ 04:42 PM | 8,907 Views
As I mentioned the last time I posted, some of my fleet required maintenance which I've now carried out, not much clearing congealed synthetic oil from carb spray bars, little bits and patches over holes in the covering and rebending u/c wires.
I also had a long hard look at my fleet as I find I have almost 20 fliers, many of which have not had wind beneath their wings for many a long day and in some cases have not even flown.
So, to help me prepare prices etc, here's a list of what is being sold.
1 Kyosho calmato 60 with either a 61 SC or a 91 OS Fx up front, lovely flier nearest plane to the astrohog I've ever flown.
2 Ripmax Wot4 mk2 ready to go with saito 82 little used, the airframe has never been flown.
3 Laser 3D 60" span 3d flier, never flown, ready to go with a little used saito 62.
4 Never flown Thunder Tiger V Bat flying wing with power pod and OS 10 FP, no rx or servo but with battery and switch.
5. Never flown Black horse Ultimate Bipe 90 size with a little used saito 125 all servos etc add rx and fuel and off you go.
6 Ultra stik with irvine 36 and ready togo.
7 Flair Fokker D7 airframe and servos only, the engine is a laser 80 hence a keeper.
8 Graupner Skycat airframe, no servos.
9 ST model fox electric glider all servos, 2 3 cell lipos slight damage to nose, spare electric motor.
10 Multiplex merlin with multiplex tuning motor and esc, 5 batteries (3s lipos 500mah) only flown 4 times, some hangar rash.
11 Precedent T180 (Cub lookalike) airframe only yellow and blue solarfilm.
12 BT Hurricane ready to cover and finish. includes mick reeves retracts.
13 Never flown H9 F22 raptor, all servos, battery switch and includes a yamada 45 2 stroke with mini pipe.
All will be keenly priced and raring to go.
Posted by Braddock, VC | Oct 28, 2010 @ 05:21 PM | 4,290 Views
First up I can't add pictures as I've forgotten how, the plane is in the white and the finish is profilm on the wings dope and tissue on the fuselage and the tailplane and fin then painted with white acrylic paint.
This last bit is the only thing I don't feel comfortable with, I don't know how the paint will react to overcoating with epoxy paint which i'd like to do.
But I'm getting ahead of myself.
All the pushrods have now been changed, 3mm steel rods screwed at one end and a 3mm adaptor silver soldered on the other.
I've used steel clevises on one end of the aileron pushrods, ball links on the other. The elevator pushrods have ball joints at each end and the rudder is pull-pull.
I'm not sure whereto go from here, I have vynil stick-ons the builder had cut but the colours are not what I like.
I'd like to spray the cowl, spats and u/c light blue and make up my own profilm stick-ons in light blue and metallic purple. The thing that's holding me up is the acrylic paint on the fus.

I've had to stop doing it for a bit and do maintenance work on a couple of my fliers, also I'm assembling a Hangar 9 F-22 that's nearing completion, also completing a 3d flier that I've had in the workshop for some time(9 years to be exact).
I'll get back when I've researched the properties of auto spray can acrylic paint.
Posted by Braddock, VC | Oct 08, 2010 @ 03:16 PM | 4,333 Views
I've started sorting the various components out to make this bird airworthy and have been spending time getting really tight linkages.

The designer, Chris Foss, is one of those who thinks less is more, consequently the plane has been designed with standard servos in mind. Just to recap, it's 72" wingspan and 60" long and a design weight of 10.5 pounds with suggested engines 91 - 150 2 stroke and 120 - 180 4 strokes.
The elevators and the rudder have aerodynamic balances ( bits of control surface forward of the hinge line) intended to reduce servo loads and when I bought it, it came with 5 futaba 148s, in honesty I was a bit dubious at first but the more I thought about it the more I felt hey, this guy is the designer and he's been successful for the last 30 odd years at it who am I to query his work.
So standard servos it's gonna be except I'm going to fit hitecs with karbonite gears, and two on the elevator, one to each half, two on the rudder and one to each aileron, also one for the throttle.
The engine is going to be a laser 200 Vee Twin, the prototype flew on a laser 150 single which gave it unlimited vertical but I got this brand spanking new twin for the same money as the single so that's what it's gonna be.
I hit my first snag, the guy who built it provided enough dubro 1/4 scale horns and clevises and I made up the pushrods.... DOH!!!!! the clevises are american ((4 40???) and all the roods I have are 3mm 2 hours work wasted as I now have to take the clevises off and tap out the holes to 3mm.
Back to the grindstone and will let you know the solution to the snag soon, it wasn't as difficult (on the ailerons anyway) as I thought!