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Posted by Braddock, VC | Jul 11, 2010 @ 06:54 AM | 3,993 Views
I had a call last sunday from a dutch guy who flew a full size bleriot replica over the channel on May 20th this year.
He now wants to fly his half scale model from the comfort of a full size bell heli, which he won't be piloting.
Anyway he asked if I would check out the landing site and handle the PR for him on this side.
He was going to make the trip today but the wind is up over the 10knot limit also it's in the wrong direction so tuesday looks to be the day.
I'll post some pix and a link to a video shortly but I'm just off out to go flying.
If you want to get on the mailing list, send your e-mail address to me and I'll send the bulletins to you, NB restricted to the first 10 as I have difficulty getting the stuff on my mail.
Posted by Braddock, VC | Jul 04, 2010 @ 06:50 PM | 3,785 Views
Turns out that the problem with the 82s was lousy fuel, changed to fresh fuel and the engines are back on full power and sounding better than ever.
So I've spent 220 on new engines and 24 on new plugs when all I really needed was a 14 gallon of 10%.
( Secretly I wanted the 55s as I have two ARC jupiters that need a good 46 size in them to fly well. But don't tell the wife).
Posted by Braddock, VC | Jul 04, 2010 @ 05:47 AM | 3,506 Views
The stats I gave in my last blog were taken from the on board computer which gives several averages plus also instantaneous readouts, I find it very helpful to reduce fuel consumption though most of the trip was driven on cruise control at about 120 kph which is the max speed limit in Spain and 110 kph in France, you can drive faster in France (130 kph) when it's dry on the autoroutes which tend to be toll roads but 110 - 120 kph gives the best fuel consumption in our car.

Since that blog, we've had some great flying weather, I took my caravan down to the Hastings flyin and had 4 great days, whilst there I assembled a kyosho calmato 60 low wing job which I've fitted an OS 91 Fx in which gives ample power for big lazy loops - I can thoroughly reccomend the combination.

At our flying site yesterday (see a mk 9 spifire (full size)was stooging round doing mock attacks on a helicopter which was obviously filming it for some forthcoming film.

It stayed for over an hour and our club president was flying his 1/6 scale spitfire when it first came over, no-one had a camera, bloody typical.

My saito 82s have been playing up and on my last two visits to the flying field I had to abort the flights so I bought two 55ax to replace them guess what a bit of a concerted twiddle with tha low needle plus a new plug in each sorted them, still I've got two loft queens that the 55s can be installed in.