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Posted by Braddock, VC | Mar 23, 2010 @ 05:58 PM | 3,429 Views
Since the last post, no training for weeks, matches rare as rocking horse cr*p down to flooded pitches then it all clears up, he's doing real well in his training and has been played in a position that he doesn't normally play in; it's just great what these pro coaches spot, his club team are just enthusiastic amateurs, admittedy they don't have the pool of talent to choose from.
Lets just say I'm one happy pappy!!!!!
Also I've recently bought 3 electric things, an ST fox sailplane, this is one fragile ship so sensitive to the cg location, my advice - walk on past it.
Also a local firm manufacturer makes flying wings, great foamie plane but weak as dried spaghetti where the ply motor mount is glued to the foam, my view - worth a try.
Latest one is a multiplex merlin, hot damn this is expensive, so much so that I spent an evening trawling the net to put together the power pack, in the event I got motor, esc two batteries, 4 servos spinner and two props for the same price that multiplex sell the motor, esc and spinner - rip off or what.
I bought it as we're off to spain for a few weeks and this box, charger and tx will just about fit under the seat of my car. I've not built it yet.
We drive down to spain, it's not like coast to coast USA, only about 1700 miles there but it's a good adventure and there ain't any Apaches on the way
Ok only joshing...what they do have is car hijackers, we've nearly been victims a couple of times but now, as soon as we hit france I buy pepper sprays (illegal in the UK) for each side of the car, one for wifey and one for me.
Hope we don't get to use them again.