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Posted by Braddock, VC | Apr 17, 2009 @ 08:41 AM | 3,958 Views
I've not been able to get up the flying field and have therefore missed some of the best flying weather for ages. I can't get in my loft as the builders are in and looks like they'll be there for some time yet.
I've managed to repair one plane but the one I was building has slowed to a halt as I want to paint it and it needs the loft to be able to do that.
Hopefully, now the football season is over, I won't have to transport my youngest to his rugby matches, last couple this weekend, they've gone on tour to Leuvens in Belgium and have two or three friendly games to play. Poor little (13 years old and 5' 11" and 150 lbs) so and so injured his ankle in a match last week so he's been ordered by me onto short time as he plays either outside half or full back and uses his power and speed to smash through the opposing teams, that makes him kinda vulnerable. He's quite good at rugby, but I would say that wouldn't I; he's the number one points scorer this season in his club having 12 tries to his credit including a hat trick in one match.
That'sit for now, hope to get flying this weekend.


Posted by Braddock, VC | Apr 06, 2009 @ 06:22 AM | 4,156 Views
Finally got the pix off my mate, posting them all here, some are similar but what the heck!!!!!
It was freezing cold that day and I had about 5 layers of clothing on. Never mind you can see my absolute delight after the maiden flight.

How's this for the title of a song, "There'll be blue skies over the white cliffs of Dover........."