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Posted by Braddock, VC | Feb 28, 2009 @ 11:51 AM | 3,946 Views
After the best part of nine months I finally got to maiden the Super Scorpion, the old engine hadn't been run for the best part of 8 years so it took 3 or 4 spins with the starter to get it going, there was a breeze of about 5 - 10 mph and she weathercocked into the breeze and was airborne in about 20 yards.
Definitely needs some downthrust on the engine but she needed 3 bleeps of right trim and then flew hands off.
The tank was a bit low and with no exhaust pressure she only 3/4 emptied the tank, still that was about a 15 minute flight.
I did a few loops and she spins beautifully.
3 flights and I called it a day.
Ishall change the 10x5 prop for a 12 x 4 and once that's in place adjust the downthrust.
I'm absolutely delighted with it, feed in full up and she stalls straight ahead with no wing drop.
My chum took some pix and as soon as he sends them to me I'll post them.
As you can see, I'm one happy bunny!