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Posted by Braddock, VC | Feb 22, 2019 @ 06:13 AM | 1,066 Views
Brief story, this man was a small boy in WW2, he was on a playing field in 1944 when a B 17 came over, all shot up. He, Tony, was standing in the field and saw the pilot waving at him so he waved back the pilot did several passes and Tony didn't move. The B 17 crashed nearby.
A memorial was built as all the crew died in the crash and Tony has maintained it, daily, since it was built.
He told a stranger that he would like to get a flypast on the 75th anniversary, the stranger was a national tv reporter.
The rest is here
TONY FOULDS Flypast 75 years ago today to Honour the Ten US Airmen 22/02/2019 (6 min 28 sec)

Thanks America.
Posted by Braddock, VC | Jan 11, 2016 @ 03:48 PM | 3,435 Views
Sold off three of my saitos, just fed up with the conrod seizing on them.
Got real good money for them too.
I bought an OS 61 Fx off the BMFA website that was listed as in excellent condition, when I got it there was no prop nut and washer and no muffler bolts, worst of all it was jammed solid. I freed it up but it was clear the bearings were gummed up so I pulled it to bits, knocked the front bearing out and popped the rest in the oven at 200 C 3 hard knocks on the work bench and the rear bearing popped out, solid with castor I dunno why people still use it. $10 worth of bearings from my local industrial supplier and she now feels like an OS should.
Posted by Braddock, VC | Jan 09, 2016 @ 12:41 PM | 4,079 Views
Plenty has happened in my life since my last entry. My tame builder has completed our bathroom makeover also demolished the wall and fireplace between the dining area and living room so we now have a walk through room.
Originally the structural engineer wanted steel joists to replace the loadbearing wall between the two areas, but as most of the weight was the chimney running up through the loft and out through the roof I decided to have that removed as our heating now is provided by a boiler in a utility room. The builder took 6 cubic yards of rubble out, this included the chimney breast on the gound floor, the lined firebrick structure up to the loft and a huge offset to get the chimney out at the top of the roof.
The net result was the structural engineer agreed we could use two 8"x 4" joists bolted together which prevented having a return to cover up the steel joists, the wooden ones being in the space between the ceiling and the floor above.
While he was at it the builder re-plastered, rewired and painted the the "new" room too.
It wasn't easy as where the chimney breast mounted on the floor we had to re-screed an area 8'x4' and recarpet.
It's done now and me and old mama are happy as pigs in crap. We were that happy we got him to redecorate the entrance hall, stairs and landing which he managed in about four days.
Anyway that's behind us, we have two more bedrooms to decorate in the spring but before then I have to tidy up my workbench and build...Continue Reading
Posted by Braddock, VC | Apr 16, 2015 @ 03:51 PM | 4,284 Views
Following my last post, I decided to have a few drinks to celebrate ny freedom from mesothelioma, so I've had a couple of beers and read all my blogs, God it takes me back.
Today I'd gone to the flying field taking a couple of windy weather planes plus I also took my engine test bed and a couple of engines I'd been experiencing difficulty in setting up. Not because I can't hack it but because so many people used to try to help and, one thing |I've found, they don't know eff all, or so I thought.
Set my saito 82a up, I converted this to a partial B spec by buying and fitting the alloy backplate to replace the nylon original. This engine had been in a minor crash and the intake tube was damaged, I straightened it and refitted it but it still needed several O rings and some Hylomar to seal it.
Ran it up and was inundated with helpers, eventually after half a tank of fuel hit the sweet spot, she runs to 9200 which includes 300rpm backed off by enriching it and throttles nicely down to 2200, all this on a 14x6 apc which my hp calculator tells me needs 1.23 horse power to do.
Next up was a 61 SC 2 stroke, I'd crashed this through pilot error and broken the carb so a new one had been acquired and fitted; refilled the tank spun it up and 20 seconds later it's idling at 2100 and peaking at 9850 on a 13x8 apc which my hp calculator says needs 1.53 horse power to do so I'm well please.
Fuel was 10% nitro, 17% synthetic and 3% castor for both engines. Don't normally use castor but this was all that was obtainable.
Well pleased with the result, now have another saito 82, an sc 91 and a 91 Fx OS to trouble shoot look forward to doing that on saturday.
I joined a new club a few weeks ago and will have my first visit this weekend, it's a 130 mile round trip but they have great facilities with NO TREES really looking forward to it.
Posted by Braddock, VC | Apr 16, 2015 @ 02:08 PM | 4,159 Views
52 years ago I was a watch engineer on a BP tankship. She was old when I joined her and every time the engines were manoeuvred the engine room was hit by a snow storm of asbestos. It got everywhere.
Two weeks ago I saw a heart specialist as I was having trouble breathing, he said your lungs are amost certainly contaminated with asbestos and it's probably starting to do what it does.
Tonight I saw my GP after several x rays and was given the all clear no asbestos visible.
To say there's a weight off of my mind is 2015's biggest understatement, I mean we all have to go but asbestos related death is not a good way to shuffle out of this mortal coil. Yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by Braddock, VC | Nov 13, 2014 @ 10:23 AM | 4,749 Views
Back in the money, phase two of our house makeover started yesterday.
Our tame jobbing builder is redoing our main bathroom, I am really looking forward to the completion.
He is then moving on to our main living area which is separated from a dining alcove by a massive chimney breast; he is going to remove this for us as we now tend to eat in our new kitchen area which is the success story of the makeover.
Finally he will move out into the garden and build us an elevated patio where we will be able to soak up the sun and ease our aching old bones, also have barbecues etc.
Posted by Braddock, VC | Oct 30, 2014 @ 08:28 AM | 4,621 Views
I needed some O rings for the carburettor on my OS 91 Fx, as I have an OS 160 FX too that is a similar age I thought I'd buy two sets (they share the parts).
Unobtainable here in the UK, so I bought them from Tower Hobbies.
As it happens there were two of each in each pack so I ended up with 4 of each, never mind.
$15 or just under, shipped air mail and with me 4 days after ordering!
Posted by Braddock, VC | Jun 26, 2014 @ 04:58 PM | 5,744 Views
Edited on the advice of my solicitor.
Posted by Braddock, VC | Jun 23, 2014 @ 03:01 AM | 5,121 Views
Try this link
Posted by Braddock, VC | May 28, 2014 @ 05:43 AM | 5,184 Views
Here's a man who warrants respect....
Posted by Braddock, VC | May 19, 2014 @ 01:44 AM | 10,452 Views
This obituary was recently reported in the UK's Daily Telegraph, thought some of you over there might appreciate it.

William Ash - obituary
William Ash was a Texan 'hobo’ turned Spitfire pilot who became celebrated for his numerous attempts to escape from Stalag Luft III
William Ash being greeted by Canadian Prime Minister, Mackenzie King, on his return from a dog fight in 1941
William Ash being greeted by Canadian Prime Minister, Mackenzie King, on his return from a dog fight in 1941 Photo: BANTOM PRESS
6:15PM BST 30 Apr 2014Comments7 Comments
William Ash, who has died aged 96, was the real-life “cooler king” of Stalag Luft III, said to be one of several sources for the character Virgil Hilts, played by Steve McQueen in the film The Great Escape; his escape attempts became celebrated – over the wire, through it with cutters, through the gates in disguise as a Russian slave-labourer, and, especially, via tunnels. If he never succeeded, it was not for want of trying.
Ash crammed several lifetimes of adventure into his 96 years. Even in Stalag Luft III he stood out. While most of his fellow-officer inmates in 1942 were from well-to-do British backgrounds, Ash was a former Texan hobo who had swapped his place in a Depression-era cattle car for the cockpit of a Spitfire.

Stalag Luft III
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Posted by Braddock, VC | Jan 09, 2014 @ 12:09 PM | 5,403 Views
Having seen all the copies for sale on e-bay I think it's safe to say that my brother was duped.
C'est la vie!
Posted by Braddock, VC | Jan 05, 2014 @ 01:17 PM | 5,375 Views
Knowing me as a jesse james freak, my brother gave me this framed wanted poster for jesse james for Xmas, the man who gave it him said his father had acquired it back in the midwest when he was in the UK mercantile marine when visiting a southern port in the early 1950s.
I don't have anyway of checking if it's genuine othet than carbon dating so could I ask anyone who reads it does it look like the real thing?
Posted by Braddock, VC | Nov 14, 2013 @ 03:56 AM | 5,934 Views
Another one of America's unsung heroes crosses the bar.
Albert Taylor was an expert tracker who brought his skills to search-and-rescue and locating children lost in the wilderness
Albert Taylor
Albert Taylor Photo: NEW YORK TIMES
6:57PM GMT 13 Nov 2013CommentsComment
Albert Taylor, who has died aged 88, was an expert tracker with the United States Border Patrol (USBP) and helped outline a practical methodology for search-and-rescue operations.
A tall, bandy-legged man with full moustache and melodic Texan drawl, Taylor’s roots lay firmly in the Old West. Like generations of trackers before him, his great skill lay in observing minor disturbances – a broken twig, a half-formed footprint, or scuff marks in the brush – that betrayed the presence of his quarry. “There’s a story written on the ground,” he would tell reporters. “If you can learn to read it, it’s there.”
While modern technology has provided USBP agents with ever more varied and advanced systems for logging the progress of migrants over a large area , Taylor believed that an operation hinged, and would always hinge, on human intuition. “Sheer numbers do not guarantee success,” he wrote . “Neither do millions of dollars or sophisticated equipment.” Small bands of well-trained individuals, able to follow the clues to their source, were key.
To this end, Taylor often worked his team of border agents remorselessly. He would spend days at a time tailing...Continue Reading
Posted by Braddock, VC | Oct 12, 2013 @ 10:28 AM | 5,795 Views
SPITFIRE 944 (14 min 39 sec)

I hope this link comes through OK, really good film and a great color scheme for a topflite spitfire, need to modify the kit a wee bit though.
Posted by Braddock, VC | Jul 25, 2013 @ 01:18 PM | 5,888 Views
Finally finished bar for a few little licks of paint and filling the usual settlement cracks, I'm quite surprised there were only one or two.
We had a new barbecue area laid in paving blocks and a similar parking area for 3 cars, mother in law came over today to act as garden consultant and we spent a bit of time looking at garden sheds as I've decided I want all my stuff out of the house.
I'm feeling a bit sorry for myself as I've just had an angioplasty carried out and my artery where they went in refused to seal when the tube was removed so I spent quite a long time with a pneumatic pressure applicator that's left me with a bruise the size of Cuba on my lower groin.
I'm off work till Tuesday next week but am banned from any heavy work and to cap it all I've acquired a chest infection from my son so that's really peed me off.
I'm booked to go deep sea fishing on Monday with my two sons and some of their mates but I think I'll cry off and let them enjoy themselves without the old man wiping their noses!
Posted by Braddock, VC | Jun 08, 2013 @ 11:57 AM | 6,273 Views
I've been watching the races on itv4 here in the uk, my god those riders are absolutely mental.
Senior TT delayed following an accident in one of the lesser races where the rider and eleven spectators were injured.
This has to be the modern version of Roman Games at the Coliseum.
Posted by Braddock, VC | May 27, 2013 @ 05:57 PM | 7,011 Views
Just an afterthought to P19, I brought all my junk out of storage and to my absolute amazement found that I have the following kits (first) and artfs (second) to clutter up the new part of the house - Flair fokker D7, Marutaka P 51D, Mantua Models Double, veron FW 190 A-3 control liner, Acrowot kit, Wot 4 kit. Now for the artfs, Radian Pro, Radian, ST model Fox, Black Horse midget mustang, world models barbra jean, H9 F - 22, Multiplex merlin. And I thought I'd been ruthless. I also had 2 building boards, half a dozen electric motors and associated batteries and escs.
Also 7 rolls of profilm, 10 assorted rolls of solarfilm polyester and half a dozen rolls of solartex 4 gallons of fuel etc etc.
Posted by Braddock, VC | May 24, 2013 @ 05:58 AM | 7,008 Views
Really on the home stretch now, shower cabin assembled and installed, remainder of bathroom furniture arrive next week and we have had a bit of a windfall so can order up the landscape works.
I hope P 20 will be my last entry (on this particular topic anyway).
Posted by Braddock, VC | May 07, 2013 @ 04:29 PM | 9,552 Views
I seem to have doubled up on the pps 14 and 15 so brought the indexing back up to correctness!!!
The work has now been completed except we have had a change of direction decoration wise, so there are are three more rooms to paint plus one to repaint plus the entrance hall and stairwell.
The kitchen is all we ever wanted and looks great and more to the point is a great family room.
We have also had a change of direction in the garden, instead of a block work patio we are now going for a decked out terrace. Trouble is the money has run out so I'll have to wait until we make a bigger pot.
On top of everything I now have a heart condition and go into hospital shortly for some exploratory surgery.