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Posted by sugarkane | Feb 05, 2018 @ 05:52 AM | 1,653 Views
so this blog is to help introduce some extra information in getting others help me tune this very light weight 5" build

so lets start with the specs..

custom 24g 4mm unibody frame using a 16x16 2 bolt motor mount and a dedicated 20x20 stack


HGLRC F440 'dino shot' 32bit 4in1 stack
pyrodrone 2204 3022kv 'floss' motors
DAL 5040 tri blades
HGLRC tx20 vtx ( replacing with an AKK X5 Smart audio vtx )
run cam nano cmos micro cam
infinity 850 graphene 4s batterie

soft mounted stack and motors
dry weight no props 155.8g with props 172.2g
AUW with battery 277.6g

1000 35v uf cap

currently running 48kHz PWM on the ECS and 'still Dre' on the start up tune

new log with mostly stock filters, dump and frame drawing below