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Posted by rc-jj | Oct 24, 2017 @ 09:48 AM | 1,767 Views
seems for some reason getting flymentor help on specific problems is not easy - so forgive me getting a little frustrated ...PLEASE help...i am a newbie (after all these years...just getting back into rc helis again after a little hiatus)..

so here is my prob: i followed all the guidelines to setting up the flymentor, setting up my heli (HK600 Dx6i) then using the program box, but when i go into "servo neu" to adjust the servos to balance swashplate - my servos will not adjust - i.e they dont move up or down so i can balance swashplate......HELP PLEASE i have researched this everywhere ...i.e asked questions with no response...i even tried contacting the manufacturers and that was unsuccessful.

thanks in advance fellow rc-ers