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Posted by impmotor | Jun 18, 2015 @ 04:07 PM | 3,162 Views
I would like to relate my experiences with the HobbyKing 1.5 meter Composite V2 DLG.

I had decided that I wanted a 1.5 meter DLG and was contemplating buying a Versus when HK put the PNP V2 1.5 composite DLG on their website for the price of $286.48 so I ordered one on January 30.

I built it according to their directions and then had to wait until the wind and snow abated a bit to learn how to fly it. I fly almost every morning weather permitting and now have had several months experience with it that has not been exactly uneventful.

First of all, it arrived with one of the wing servos arms loose with no way to tighten it. Also, on the other side the, there was a loose horn in the aileron. I hollowed out a bit more of the servo pocket in order to tighten the horn onto the servo and fixed the aileron horn in place with some CA.

The first day of flying with the correct CG went well for about an hour until I had a bad launch. I had no real height and a flat trajectory that went out about 30 feet and went into the ground nose first. I managed to crack the pod in several places and broke the pod off the boom. The launch was pilot error, but I was not happy to discover that the pod and boom were merely butted together and held only by a thin bead of epoxy. The pod fits into the boom by 1 or 2 millimeters. This problem was reported earlier by randybadandy and will continue to be a problem. In addition, the servo tray broke loose inside the pod.

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